Friday, February 5, 2010

For Indonesian-born designer Liquica Anggraini fashion was never simply a hobby or a profession, it was a way of life. Growing up as an army brat in Indonesia, Liquica was constantly relocated to different regions of the lush but often tumultuous archipelago. Every move meant starting fresh with a new culture to comprehend, a new language to learn, and new friends to make. At a time when Indonesia was becoming increasingly aware of high fashion and trends in the West, Liquica soon realized that the easiest way to connect with peers was through her innate sense of style.
By 2007 Liquica’s definitive vision had emerged and she began to lay the foundation for RADENRORO, her debut line in the US.
“Raden Roro” is a title given to royal girls in Indonesia and a phrase that perfectly embodies the feeling of classy exoticism so prevalent in Liquica’s designs. Debuting for the Fall/Winter 2008 season, the RADENRORO collection features unusual fabrics, vintage-inspired cuts, daring color palettes, and a truly unique flair that is sure to captivate fashion-savvy women around the world.

I am proud of there's so many designers from Indonesia, which is very successful in fashion internasional.To see how they are now, Indonesia is also able to indicate industry-leading fashion.I have aspirations to be a fashion desainer.And I hope someday I can be like them.Amien :)

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