Monday, September 28, 2009

Password for FREE !

In a beautiful day,i spend my time in some 'warnet' not too far from my grandy's house called 'warnet barokah'.believe or not-i'm talking about the truth.
storynya,gue sdang duduk manis menatap layar kompie yang kedap-kedip genit,mncoba baca fanfic sambil download lagu Miley Cyrus-party in the u.s.a-tapi setelah stu jam later on lagunya blum slesai kedownload juga,smntara fanfic yg gue baca udh sampai chapter 10 dan finally smpai kata 'the end'.then gue ngecek lagu yg tadi gue download dan suprisee,wktu gue liat masih 20%.

Ghejje : Bo-ini lemot amat ya ?
Mimi : Apaan ?
Ghejje : Inetnya.gilingan dong,gue drtitadi download lagu ini msih 20% aja.
Mimi : Lah kan dritadi juga kata gue modemnya mati.noh penjaganya lagi benerin lagi
Ghejje : Blo'on kenapa ga bilang ke gue ?
Mimi : Lah kan tadi udah-(ngeliat ekspresi mukanya gayakin)
Ghejje : Tadi ? tadi kapan coba-kapan ? emang lu ngasih tau gue ?
Mimi : (mikir dulu-bikin gue pingin gunduluin palanya) kayanya gue udah bilang deh(FYI-kbiasannya amnesia mndadak)
Ghejje : Iiih.julung-julung dasar lu !
Mas mas warnet : Mi udah bisa noh.
Mimi : Oh udah ye.mkasih bangsat
Ghejje : Mince !
Mimi : Kenapa ? namanya bang satrio lagi
Ghejje : Oh (terpisu malu) buka facebook aah (two minutes later) min min ko gue gbsa log in ?
Mimi : Udah sign in belum ?
Ghejje : iiih julung ! ya kalo gue punya facebook brarti sbelumnya gue udh sign in atuh
Mimi : Yaudah gampang-tinggal log in nih di kotak yang ini (sotau)
Ghejje : Sumpah ya ini anak pengen gue tendang ih.mslhnya gue gbsa log in drtdi
Mimi : Passwordnya salah mungkin
Ghejje : (rewrite password) gabisa tetep-password fb gue apa ya ? (karna mimi tau semuanya)
Mimi : (dengan suara cempreng) buburkacangijo !
Ghejje : itu password twitter gue
Mimi : silverqueenmaknyos1 ?
Ghejje : Yang itu password blog gue
Mimi : Oh gue tau ! sateayamtujuhtusukgapakekecap
Ghejje : Yahoo deh itu kayanya
Mimi : Yang mana atuh
Ghejje : ih beneran deh gue lupa.gue kalo buka FB dirumah mulu soalnya.gprnh gue log out
Mimi : oh mungkin yang rendang-rendang itu !
Ghejje : ooh yang rendangpadangselerobundo ya ?
Mimi : Ho-oh ho-oh
Ghejje : (coba log in pakai password itu) bisa min bisa min !
Mimi : Gueee (berasa paling pinter sejagad raya)
Mas cungkring client meja 8 : password twitternya buburkacangijo ya ? boleh minta e-mailnya ?
Ghejje : (diem sbntar.mncoba mengartikan mksud si mas cungkring) iiiihh mimi kita bego bgt !
Mimi : Demi keamanan dan kenyamanan kita bersama kita ganti semua password lu !
Ghejje : Iya yu yu !

Dan akhirnya since that insident,all my social networking password,blog,mail,dan smuamuanya diganti ! janji ga akan mau lagi ngenet di warnet yg bener-bener bawa 'barokah itu'.dan sisa waktu ngenet itu,bukannya dipake buat browshing,malah mikirin password.
hmm any suggestion for my new password ? dengdengbaladocabenyapedesbangettapimantap maybe ? one that i learn from this incident 'never let anyone including ur bffffff ur social networking password.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ILY Stephenie Meyer and The Saga

I think she's a great authors.I love her masterpiece 'Twilight saga' .Her description about each character is very easy to understand.She can take me into her story.Feel the tension, excitement, sadness.I can't bear to open the next page.Always curious about the next chapters.She is my second favorite author after JK Rowling.

Twilight Saga : Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,Breaking Dawn

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kay Play With My Necklaces ?

This is KAY,my lovely doll ! :D kay always like to wear necklace.just like me :)

I have a lot of necklaces with different models.but I prefer bobble necklace.I mostly bought a necklace with my own money.My mother would rather buy me a gold necklace,but I never liked to wear gold, cause i afraid be mugged.hehe.
hmm let me tell u my fav necklace,the black one is my fav.find out ! haha.

naughty,cherry,strawberry,baby jewelry,unnamed jewlery store.

Quote Number 1


Me,a quote from my diary.
-dedicated to you-

Crush Crush Crush

Crush. Crush. Crush. Crush, crush.

2, 3, 4!

Nothing compares to,
A quiet evening alone.
Just the one two,
I was just counting on.
That never happens,
I guess I’m dreaming again.
Let’s be more than,

Hei hei heii.i feel excited today.haha.dunno why ! but,i want to tell u somethin about my clbrty crush.yeaaah.i have a lot of clebrty crush.
everytime i opened a magazine a find their hndsome faces,spontaneously i took scissors and cut out their pic and paste it in my diary or wall.haha.i'm craaazzyyy over them !
oke then.i'll tell u the big 7 (cause if i tell ya all my clbrty crush,it will be a loooong list,for sure !).


Wondering why i took cole in the first posisition ? well,look at him now ! he turned into a handsome guy ! he's charming.his voice change,u know 'sexy'.haha.o god,i really really really adore him.sure !


Hmm.i regreting skandar down to the scond psisition.but,perasaankan gbsa dbhongin.haha.the fact is i'm more interested cole than him ! why not ? haha.of course i still love him,but...there was smethin about him that make me not crazy as always.haha.
maybe,if narnia 3 running,i will put him in da frst psisition.who knows ?


Well.i do not need t explain why i do love him.he's cuteeee.


Everubody looooveeees Alex.


I love him when he singing.whata nice voice he has.yo justin,gimme 'one time' to tellin u that 'u r hot'.akikikik.


Hey tay,u bigger ! whoaaaa.haha.don't u see his muscle ? hmm i adore him as jackob black actually.


Wait.before u protest me why i took him in da last,i wnt u to know that i originally wanted to make this post just for teenage boy or guy that i love.he's not guy,he's man.haha.i really love him.hey ! everybody loves rob rite' ? he's hot.
he make me fall in love with him when he act as edward cullen.the most hottie vampire in da world.hehe :p

Ok.that's all.actually there's still lot of guys that i like.but i can't mention them one by one :p
Carter Jenkins,Dylan Sprouse,Rupert Grint,Alexander Ludwig,Joe Jonas,Matt Prokop,bla bla bla bla.tuh kaan bnyak ngeetss.haha.

mind if i know who's ur celeb crush girl ?

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Proposal ("hey ! looks like deadpool) -.-

Oke ! this week,I got a strange disease called 'boredom' ! haha.
so,when my friend (nunun) ask me to watch some movie in cinema with her and gita (again.always three of us),I certainly accept her.something that sounds more cool than take a nap everyday :(
so, finally we decided to watch at 21 ekalokasari plaza.
there are three choices (of course) :
-The Final Destination
-The Proposal

cause last week, we're watching orphan,make that film does not count.except if I want to have nightmares again -___- but thanks, I don't expect that.
after discussion, we agreed that we wanted to take a break from movies that made us heart attack.hehe.
finally we decided to watch the proposal.
I have never (yet) seen the trailer or order the players, as well as a synopsis of this film.
Armed ignorance of this movie (reminded me of orphan), we entered the theater 3 was only few people who watch this film.
Our ranks empty.that's a good new.The bad news is, we are surrounded by people who are dating (oh nice).the positive is,we were given a free show from various directions.haha. let's talk about the film.

My review gentleman (ehm) :
-This movie really interesting treat for this summer
-the acting of the actors so variatif.sometime (even often) I'm laughing only because of seeing their faces.
-I like andrew paxton.he's funny :p
-Sandra Bullock's role here reminds me of maryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada
-when Andrew and Margaret naked,without the knowledge of both and suddenly they collide with each other,and they both say : "why are u naked ?" damn funny ! :p
-This film presents many interesting scenes
-in early movie I murmured 'he looked like deadpool' (to andrew)
-I didn't really get chemistry between ryan and sandra.but it was reasonablel, considering they age were adrift 12 years.
So,i'm not complain anymore after seeing their act.chemistry problem forgiven (who i think i am?)
-my friends (the three of us) admire the actor who played andrew.and I was determined to find out who he was.I have shocked when i know he was RYAN REYNOLDS the man who played Deadpool in X-Men the last stand.I'm...too often see ryan with his beard.aku forget her appearance without fur around his mouth.I immediately not, ! I just watched my idol for 2 hours and I did not realize that it was 'he'!
-the point is,this film became one of the many romantic drama movies most I like
-OH one more.You will not regret to watch it.i know it sounds maudlin, but I had tears when the sad scene begin :p

My Rating :
8/10 (not badkan ? It indicates how much I liked the movie)

yeaaah go Ryaaaan ! aaaaaa meeeee likeeeeeey ! :D (i guess i've been crazy)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquake 02 09 2009.The Fear.

This happened a few hours ago.i'm doing my new hobby.tidur siang 3 jam setelah pulang sekolah.haha.
awalnya gue lagi baca beberapa bab terakhir 'Breaking Dawn'.mengingat di bab terahir itu keluarga volturi muncul (spoiler : i'm team volturi now ! 100%.haha).and i overslept,as usual :p
I was dreaming cole sprouse kiss me (hehe), when suddenly I felt something shaking my bed.
suddenly my eyes widened 0_0
then I realized that something was shaking is an earthquake.I quickly ran out of the room and called my grandparents.
perhaps 15 or 20 second,i felt the house and my grandparents 'goyang dombret'.hhe.
I immediately sent a short message to my parents nun jauh disanaaa :'( hiiks.
a few minutes later my mother call me,asked how the situation here.
and you know what ? she should asked 'are u ok dear ?'.but she didn't.
dia malah nanya 'is figura in living room broken or something ?'.
what ?

then I get the information, that the epicenter is located in Tasikmalaya,with strength 7.3 scale richter .
wooow.what a big eartquake !
I realize that this kind of warning from God to all mankind.
I fear to think about the end of the,i just wannabe a better person than before.and prayed and asked God to always save us.
thank god for the life that you give today.thanks for the breath that you lend me until this day.
thankyou for everything :)