Saturday, August 29, 2009

Team Twins Vampire :) yeeeaah.

Hmm.did i tell you before that i'm a team cullen ? haha.oke.i've looking for new moon promo pic,and there's a new pic about the volturi.and yeeaah,you know what ? i'm in love with alec.ahahaha.yes i know i know,he's evil.but you'll agree with me,wait until you know who will play as alec.
Proudly Presents :


Know him ? feel familiar ? hehe.that was what i felt first time i saw him.
if you remember,he's the bald guy who played Jimmy in X-MEN 3 : The Last Stand.remember know ?
now,he turned into a handsome guy.oooh i do love him sooo much.

Alec is a highly ranked guard in the coven.Similarly as Jane,he has an extreme power,to cut of the senses of another being.Specifically ,Alec puts forth a hazy mist with results in making someone blind,deaf or numb to feelings.
Hes identical to Jane with black-red eyes,except with slightly darker hair and thinner lips.

Look at cam ! i guess he's the right person to be alec.
and now,for some reason,i'm so pro team volturi.haha.
how jerk i am,huh ? haha.
in principle,i still support the cullen family.they're the core of this story.
but,for reasons good looks,i vote volturi ! ajajajajaja.
doesn't mean i said cullen family has no good looking as vampire.wakakaka.nooooo.
they're a handsome and beautiful vampire i've ever seen (like i ever seen vampire before.haha.i'd run scared if i saw a real vampire watched me when im sleep,for bet ! haha).

Readers,visitor,and other blogger said :
So,what's your poin ?? (looked confused and a feel want to kill me as soon as possible :D hehehe) point is : I'M A TEAM ALEC !! (the cullens team threw me a rocks and said 'wooooooo')

Mind if i know what's your team people ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Re-post : Things From The Past

Do you guys still remember about the guy who I often talk in my old blog ?
he was not be named.hehe.and in this blog i don't expect you to say his name,don't u ever try ! haha :p
oke.i wake up in early morning and remind about him. something that I should not to do.
also i remind a box containing many things from the past.every bad memories that i ever have,always leaving something that i confused to 'should i remind or not'.
but,i just want to show you many things that always make me remind about that 'someone'.

Ok.this is what i call : things from the past
Presenting : cinema tickets.oh i forgot how many times
we got to watched cinema together.

16th Birthday Gifts.look at his handwriting.hehe.funny right ? my question is :
can u read it ? sorry yaaa.just kidding :p
however,i like the purse(it's brown u know !).thxs for gimme that.
but i don't wanna use it again,anymore,never ! but i'll keep that as long as i can :)

Oke.this is not from him.this is me.made by me ! huahaha.
i always laugh everytime i saw this suck crazy stupid things.
first time when we broke,i want to burn all of this.then i remember
how tired to make all of that :p
stupid work i ever did,right ?

confused about my attitude over him ?
NO ! i'm not back with him again(it's a big no !).but i decided to be a good friends with him.
actually,we're better to be friends.
i know he can change to be a good man than ever.and as a good friend,i will help him.
i don't have any feeling about him that good ? haha.
i just feel uncomfortable to be an enemy with him.
beside,it's not loss to have many friends kaan ?

I wish the best for him.
meanwhile,i'm still trying to find,eh enggak salah deng,to get HIM (not him 'him'.but him 'him'.get it ? hhe.i mean not him 'the ex' but him 'the crush') ! haha.
who's him ? ada deeeeh.want to knoooow ajah ! :p
the point is,i never expect hostile to all my ex.

Happy remind your memories all ! HAHAHA.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's For Someone.A Guy Means YOU :)

When i failed again in love (with the same person).my heart says "is there no guy who genuinely love me or what ? is there something wrong with me ?".
I must admit, some guys who have destroyed my heart, made me a little depressed :(
I guess,i've done all the ways to make them make them comfortable standing next to me.
but it seems what i've done 'nothing' in their eyes :(
Im a toy for them.
Seems like not enough with all of this,now i've fallen in this solitude.
Then i intend to find somebody.Somebody who can make me happy again.
you know what ? i found him :)
haha.but actually,im not sure he has the same way too :(
Badly,he already knew that i like him (i guess) embarrassed.
but i just wanna tell him that i love him,if i could,i want to say "im your secret're my secret crush.i'll be waiting until you be mine and i'll be yours".
Even i know,im not so lucky about love,i always get hurt.but i won't give in.i believe that outhere,there's someone who prepared for me.someone who has become my destiny.
and i know my choice was not wrong.cause i'll choose my own in my hand now,everything clear in the end.i'll try to find my true love :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Stuff i want to buy If I Had a Lot of Money

MZ Wallace Kate Satchel

Miu Miu Glitter Slingbacks Shoes

Ruche Sundress

I asked my mother if i could bought that stuffs.Ha ! and guess what she said !
Mom : No ! you don't need a shoes like that.beside it seemed too old for u dear.
Me : But mom,that shoes was a trend now.
Mom : What trend ?
Me : Don't u ever read ur magazine ? look at the fashion pages.
Mom : oke.but,i don't wanna give u that kind of shoes.
Me : But,you will buy me a new shoes right ?
Mom : Uh huh.
Me : you're cool ! :) now send me a money.
Mom : Are u kdding me ? i didn't say i'll send u a money now,did i ?
Me : what ?
Mom : i'll tell u later . (ajajajajaja)

Klik ! the connection is lost .

Yaah.without a money,i couldn't buy all the stuff now.i must b patient.and hope,dad will be more generous than mom :)

Peaaaaceeee ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Chronicles of G&A in My Life

G & A

Perlu dicatat dulu ya,judul postingan gue yang satu ini bukan sebuah inisial yang mewakilkan dua buah nama.BUKAN sama sekali.melainkan BEBERAPA inisial nama depan,BEBERAPA orang.
Gue cuma mau ngejelasin keheranan gue tentang kedua huruf ini.
Ga tau kenapa ya dua huruf ini banyak banget pengaruhnya di Love Life gue.
Seems like they're can't be separated.hehe.
Nah gue gamau banyak cingcong lagi,tapi beneran deh gue sendiri heran kenapa bisa begini jadinya.

Pertama mungkin G itu berpengaruh banget sama gue,karena itu inisial nama gue.Dulunya sebelum gue dipanggil 'Ghejje' panggilan gue 'Ghege'.Terus setelah gue tau ada BITCH yang panggilannya itu juga,gue ngegantilah panggilan gue.haha.Gamu dong nama gue disamaain kaya bitch bitchy itu ! nah lupain tentang si bitch ugly itu.
Kedua,kalau gue bisa flashback lagi ke belakang,first love gue tuh inisialnya A.
yayaya gaperlulaah gue inget lagi.udah lupa lagian juga.
Ketiga,cowok kedua gue inisialnya G dengan panggilan A.nah yang satu ini gaperlu gue sensor namanya.Grandis Putra Mandala,yang sekarang jadi my bfffffffffff ever ! :)
G for Grandis and A for his nicknam Andis.see ?
Belum cukup ? cowok gue setelah andis juga berinisialkan G ! hduuh.apa apaan.Dia si he was not be named itu looh.inget ga ? orang yang namanya menuh-menuhin blog gue yang dulu (please).gue yakin lo semua tau itu siapa.
And then,emmmmm (tunggu mikir dulu).oh ya i get it ! i've got a secret crush with someone yang inisialnya A.hohoho.yang ini gamau terlalu dipublikasikan.Dan gue semakin heran,ketika menyadari kalau orang yang gue suka itu bukan hanya satu,tapi DUA dengan inisial yang sama (guess who ? hayo hayo).
Curious kan ya ? iya banget (maksa).
Yang bikin anehnya tuh kenapa harus selalu berhubungan dengan love life gue coba ?
bukti konkritnya lagi nih ya : dulu gue pernah suka 2 orang yang inisialnya jauh banget dari 2 huruf itu.dan gue langsung sadar kalau GUE GA BENAR BENAR SUKA SAMA MEREKA.tapi ya,beda banget untuk orang-orang yang inisialnya gue sebutin diatas tadi.Gue tau kalau perasaan gue ke mereka semua i'm swear yo !
gue ga bercanda (masa ?).
Tapi sekarang ini,memang ada beberapa nama yang wajib gue ignore dari memori gue.hehe.
yaah ga gue ignore bgt sih.tapi seenggaknya ga ada gunanya buat gue untuk ingat beberapa nama yang udah pernah nyakitin i right ?

Believe it or not,belum lama ini GUE DITEMBAK SAMA TEMEN KECIL GUE DENGAN INISIAL A.hahaha.
Kenapa love life gue selalu berkaitan dengan kedua huruf itu ? tanya kenapa ?

Selamat berfikir :)

Hot Pink-Disaster ? Big No !

queen purple in gold

Sometimes people think that hot pink dress is annoying.but how do we make it look beautiful to wear,we're free to make it be more glamour.some of this celebrities change our views about the pink is too light.JoJo

Amanda Bynes
Ali Larter
And of Coure my miss Lovely : Blake Lively :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coco Before Chanel

This biopic kind of dwells on the misery in Coco Chanel's life, but it's a strong story of a woman who made her own way against all odds. And it's skilfully and beautifully filmed and acted.

After her mother died in 1895, Gabrielle Chanel (Cohen) moves into orphanage, where nuns teach her how to sew. As soon as she's 18 (now Tautou), she becomes a bar singer with her sister (Gillain) and is dubbed "Coco" after her signature song. Even now she's rebelling against the constricting clothes of the day, and when she becomes the mistress of the wealthy Etienne Balsan (Poelvoorde), she has clear ideas about her own life. What she doesn't expect is that she'll fall for his friend Boy Capel (Nivola).

Director-cowriter Fontaine tells this story like Chanel's fashion style: elegant and detailed, but without frills. The film takes us through these early years in a somewhat dispassionate way, only drawing emotion from Tautou's mesmerising performance. She conveys a sharp, opinionated intelligence even as Coco knows her place in society. And as she quietly evolves to the moment she becomes the Coco we remember, Tautou keeps the character consistently engaging without sacrificing any of her inner toughness.

Fontaine doesn't shrink from portraying this male-dominated society: men treated women like possessions. So Coco was a true revolutionary, going against the grain to become the first major female designer. Fontaine makes sure the period detail is sleek and gorgeously recreated, with actors who aren't afraid to show the dark sides of their characters. There are moments of levity, but powerful scenes between Tautou, Poelvoorde and Gillain reveal a shadowy complexity.

The problem is that the film feels a bit gloomy as a result; Coco seems melancholic even when she's smiling. And this carries through to the limited colour scheme, as well as Coco's simple clothing in a time when women wore outrageous frills. But watching closely, we can see Coco in control of her life, even though the men around her thought she was theirs. And into this world, Nivola's Boy is a breath of fresh air, a rare man who can see her for who she is. So where their story goes can't help but move us.


Wuu.i can't wait to see this movie.terlepas dari bahasanya yang menggunakan bahasa gaspard ulliel alias france :p film ini tontonan wajib buat people who loves fashion.
so we know who is chanel.
All taht i know (so far)chanel is a diva icon in the fashion world.she is legendary.she was famous because her masterpieces.Such as Chanel No.5 Perfume,little black dress that didn't never replaceable with the other work.yeaahs LBD never die ! xp.
through this film, proving that channel is actually a fashion legend.
Curious ? yeaahs that's what i feel now.hehe.

My New Looklet Look.Love it !

Hanging In The Sand

items in this look :
Hat by Accent
Necklace by Vintage
Sungalesses by Monki
Heels by Din Sko
Dress by Lipsy London
Shoulderbag by Topshop
Necklace by Maharani of Tirapunji
Bracelet by Pilqrim
Bracelet by Aloha Mi Lajki

I like to sew a dress like that.imagine if i go to the beach with that clothes.hmm.
inspirator : the one and only Mischa Barton
5 people like this style :) not bad.

When I Love My Self

Art Food Design

People,ask me when rest time : you not eat ?
I can only shake one's head while smiling :) NO ! i don't really like eat at school.Certainly,the main problem is 'mag'.hha how do we say 'mag' in english ? ah dunno !
want to know ? one of the factors that I would like to eat is how the food looks.i can't decorate food,for sure :p but,i don't mind if there's a person who want to do it for me.make food that is presented to me looks interesting,i'm very grateful if you do :)
but there's someone who very understanding to me.He made what I want so I'd like to eat.
although i don't know what the name of this food.hehehe.he's very reliable chef.he's my cousin :)
it work ! i spend it all ! hehe.I originally don't want to damage the food as beautiful as this.

I'm doubting my grandmother can make this :p
I'm awere that my cousin is too affected japanese culture.
the red ball is grape ! haha he's crazy.

Things From The Past

Do you guys still remember about the guy who I often talk in the old blog ?
he was not be named.hehe.and in this blog i don't expect you to say his name,don't u ever try ! haha :p
oke.i wake up in early morning and remind about him. something that I should not to do.
also i remind a box containing many things from the past.every bad memories that i ever have,always leaving something that i confused to 'should i remind or not'.
but,i just want to show you many things that always make me thinking about him again.

I call all of this : the memories.
Cinema Ticket.I forgot how many times we go to watched cinema together.
Birthday Gifts.look at his handwriting :p hhe.i like the purse's brown.but now,i don't want to use it again,anymore,never !
I always laugh everytime i saw this suck crazy things.haha.i want to burn this item.then i remember how tired to make it :p stupid work that i ever did.

But now,i have to forget everything about him.i have done many ways to forget it all.first i ignore all massage from him.second,i burn some of the cinema ticket (not all,considering i love to collect cinema tickets).third,i tried to hate him and think all that bad things about him.also something he did to me,which i can't forgive.
now,i don't even remember his name :p
i forget who he is.
however,difficult to me to forgive him.
but,i've try to be nice in front of him.good girl huh ?

once be a player,always be a player (meaning????)

No Food Means Easy,No Guy Means Crazy

Fasting means don't eat from sun up to sun's mean no food,no drink,also traines our patience.Muslim fast to feel the suffering of the other people outside,who less fortunate.
Muslims also want to get the reward from the gods.Heaven is the main goal.
For me, fasting is not something which is difficult anymore :p I've trained since i was child.
So now,not a big problem for me to fast.There is something different in this fasting mounth.I'm not gonna visit my parents and sister this year,cause the situation is less possible for me to go :(
Really,i'm very lonely.I'm sad because there's no special person who accompany me.
as you know,approximately 2 months ago,i break up with my bf (and now u can call him my 'EX' boyfriend).I thought,i will fasting with someone special.haha (understand ?).Have no boyfriend means crazy ! haha.
Sometime,i feel jealous with my friends who has a bf :( they look very happy.
doesn't mean that I am not happy yaa.i just feel incomplete without boyfriend.HAHA.

OKE.enough ! I just need a little patience.i believe that sooner or later i will get a boyfriend who much better than the last one ! yeahs,i'll be waiting :)
now in this hollymounth,i also want to become a better person than before.

Happy fasting all,hope god give all the best to all of us :) make this fasting mounth full of blessing.


I'm Stress Out ! S.O.S

Aaaaaaaaaa !!
you know what,all that i want to do now is screaamiiing out louuud !
hell yaaaahs !
haha do you think im crazy ? no ! cause the truth is im stress out.
there's something diffrent in this hollymonth.i can't go visit my parents and sister.that's make me so sad.ooh i lost a lot of valuable time due to living far far away from them.aaaaa :'(
and i feel lazy to go school in monday.actually,it doesn't matter for me,but there's something make me reluctance to attend (i can't tell you what).but this isrelated to OSIS.haha :p
talk about osis,I don't have plans to continue next year.many things that make me don't want to participate in this organization.first,i have no permission from my parents.second,im tired.third,i realize that i lost a lot of time bcause this activity.fourth,I want to feel how free mean.
and the last o*tiiiiiit* is the main factor that makes me stress !! eeerrrgghhh.


My Favorite Style In My Look Let Page

I call this : another look of confort

Items in this look :
Vest by Silence & Noise
Shoulderbag by Charlott Vasberg
Head band by Evita Peroni
Heels by Sergio Rossi
Dress by Dagmar
Bracelet by Sno of Sweden
Necklace by Aloha Mi Lajki

So far,i only have the same vest like that.poor me :p i want to hang out in mall with a style like that.and see how people react ! haha.
the inspirator is mischa barton.she's cute in every clothes that she wear.
yeah.go mischa go !
cheers :)

Why Do I Love Jennie Enakei

You know Jennie Enakei ? yeah the girl who often found in your diary or note book (especially for u who like enakei).i don't know where she came from.hehe.maybe japan ore korea (i guess).
when i visited a file share web,i saw this girl.and i said 'how cute she is'.and i can only imagine if i have a pretty face like enakei,every boys in my school will crush on me.haha.LOL :p

1 . omagod she's cutie :)

2 . she always looks beautiful3 . sometime,she reflects me when she showed sad expression :(

4 . oh i just really love to see her in any pose :)

I have many pics of enakei.but i can't show all.cause,in principle,i don't wanna see my blog too full of pic.that's make my blog look like a child blog.hey ! i try to be more mature,just like enakei :)

Say Hi !

I create a new blog again, because I thought the old blog only told about the problems i had with my ex-botfriend,and you know,it's not important.and I promise to not talk about him anymore ! i'm fed up u know ! haha.
i'll use this blog to show what's on my mind.what i like,what i hate,what i love,what i see,what i hear,everything !

so thanxs dude to visiting my new blog :)
enjoy your day.