Saturday, August 29, 2009

Team Twins Vampire :) yeeeaah.

Hmm.did i tell you before that i'm a team cullen ? haha.oke.i've looking for new moon promo pic,and there's a new pic about the volturi.and yeeaah,you know what ? i'm in love with alec.ahahaha.yes i know i know,he's evil.but you'll agree with me,wait until you know who will play as alec.
Proudly Presents :


Know him ? feel familiar ? hehe.that was what i felt first time i saw him.
if you remember,he's the bald guy who played Jimmy in X-MEN 3 : The Last Stand.remember know ?
now,he turned into a handsome guy.oooh i do love him sooo much.

Alec is a highly ranked guard in the coven.Similarly as Jane,he has an extreme power,to cut of the senses of another being.Specifically ,Alec puts forth a hazy mist with results in making someone blind,deaf or numb to feelings.
Hes identical to Jane with black-red eyes,except with slightly darker hair and thinner lips.

Look at cam ! i guess he's the right person to be alec.
and now,for some reason,i'm so pro team volturi.haha.
how jerk i am,huh ? haha.
in principle,i still support the cullen family.they're the core of this story.
but,for reasons good looks,i vote volturi ! ajajajajaja.
doesn't mean i said cullen family has no good looking as vampire.wakakaka.nooooo.
they're a handsome and beautiful vampire i've ever seen (like i ever seen vampire before.haha.i'd run scared if i saw a real vampire watched me when im sleep,for bet ! haha).

Readers,visitor,and other blogger said :
So,what's your poin ?? (looked confused and a feel want to kill me as soon as possible :D hehehe) point is : I'M A TEAM ALEC !! (the cullens team threw me a rocks and said 'wooooooo')

Mind if i know what's your team people ?

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