Friday, August 27, 2010

Plaited Hair Style

I remembering my primary school era.I'm just a whiny,spoiled,and coquettish girl LOL.Anyway i found some picture of me back then,it's really suprise to know how long my hair was.I remember always ask my mom to make a kind of plaited on my hair.And now imma high school girl,but i still like to plaited my hair.
Even a few run away show their models with this never end hair style.Alexander Wang and Miu Miu both showcased similar styles of the side braid.
You can make the kinds of variation with this style.
u should try ! You’ll look like the coolest fashionista in town, rather than the cutest girl on the playground.

Plait haired girl ;)

My Favorite Football Player Goes To Mesut Oezil :D

Mesut Ozil,a germany footballer who recently signed with Real Madird (which is my fav club number two.yay !) took the world attention during the 2010 FIFA WC.
What makes me love this guy is his habit,recites Qur'an verses before all his matches to help him focus (yes he's moslem).
FYI his favorite music genre is R&B.That's make he can sing in rap style.Really ! i ever heard his voice once and he doin good.cuteeee >_<
Only one thing that make me like Oh-hell-please-Ozil! is he dating a widow older woman (Sorry.personal reason.i always dislike a guy who dating an older woman who waaaay too older for his age.dunno why -,-).

Ok now let's talk about his career,shall we ? first time i watched his game in World Cup 2010,i was thinking that someday,just after this event finished,every big europe club will fighting each other to get a contract with him.See ? i am absolutely right.heheh.
At that time,i wish he could play in Arsenal (which is my fav club.Yooo yo the gunners !) or Real Madrid (where every bright star gattering).But i was afraid when he told the media that he like Barcelona,and he would be happy if he could play there with messy.Nothing wrong with Barca.But i don't like that club honestly (no hurt feelin barca fans.just saying).Maybe because Barcelona is Real Madrid eternal enemy -,- But thanks God he made a great decision to step his foot to Santiago Bernabeu and play with so many my fav footballer there (Benzema,CR,Kaka,Higuain).
Although many people said that he made the wrong choice to choose Real Madrid as his next club,as his true fan i always support for him no matter what.
Keep holding on Oz,i bet you'll be a great star soon ! Loooooove yaaa :D

P.S : He remind me of my first boyfriend with his face.Plus ! his back number in German national team is 8,which is my ex favorite number.Oh hell ("-,-")

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Top 8 Hottest Male Models Behind the Campaigns

Hello Bloggie ;)
Jess Stam,Coco Roca,Tanya Dziahileva,Freja Beha,Irina Lazareanu,yes those girl are my favorite fashion model.I always amazed everytime i watch their show on the run away.But on this post,i'm focus on the male models.J'adore some of them,cause i think they're almost perfect.They got the face,licious body,and talented.Ooo i'm so hopelessly devoted over em'.

Watch out ! Hot guys alert !

Pictures explanation :

Who are they ?
1.George Craig (Burberry,front man of british indie band 'One Night Only') 2.Alex Watson (Burberry,Emma Watson's elder br
other) 3.Marlon Teixeira (Giorgio Armani,Top 50 male models ranked #18) 4.Mathias Lauridsen (Jill Sander,Gucci,Hugo Boss,Lacoste,Hermes,Christian Dior,Top 50 male models ranked #10) 5.Clement Chabernaud (Top 50 male models ranked #8) 6.Reid Prebenda (Rene Lezard,Gant Rugger,) 7.Eddie Klint (Top 50 male models ranked #39) 8.Sean Opry (Zara,GAP,DKNY,Top 50 male models ranked #2)

Add : seriously,you guys look better on shirt and blazer than just wore a pantie.duh !

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Album Of The Month (August)

These are the currently album i heard : Part 1 (August)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Track Listing :

01. We Are Sex Bob-omb! - Sex Bob-omb (Beck)
02. Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
03. I Heard Ramona Sing - Frank Black
04. By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks
05. O Katrina! - Black Lips
06. I'm So Sad, So Very, Very Sad - Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene)
07. We Hate You Please Die - Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene)
08. Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-omb (Beck)
09. Teenage Dream - T. Rex
10. Sleazy Bed Track - The Bluetones
11. It's Getting Boring by the Sea - Blood Red Shoes
12. Black Sheep - Metric
13. Threshold - Sex Bob-omb (Beck)
14. Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl - Broken Social Scene
15. Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
16. Ramona (acoustic) - Beck
17. Ramona - Beck
18. Summertime - Sex Bob-omb (Beck)
19. Threshold (8 Bit) - Brian LeBarton
20. Garbage Truck - Beck (Bonus track)
21. Threshold - Beck (Bonus track)
22. Summertime - Beck (Bonus track)

download here

Secondhand Serenade - Hear Me Now

Track Listing:

1 "Distance"
2 "Something More"
3 "Stay Away"
4 "You & I"
5 "Is There Anybody Out There?"
6 "Reach For The Sky"
7 "Only Hope"
8 "So Long"
9 "World Turns"
10 "Nightmares"
11 "Hear Me Now" ( featuring Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter)

download here

Despicable Me OMPS

Track Listing:
1. Despicable Me - Pharrell
2. Fun, Fun, Fun - Pharrell
3. I'm on a Roll - Destinee & Paris
4. Minion Mambo - The Minions
5. Boogie Fever - The Sylvers
6. My Life - Robin Thicke
7. Prettiest Girls - Pharrell
8. Rocket's Theme - Pharrell
9. You Should be Dancing - The Bee Gees
10. The Unicorn Song - Agnes

download here

Geek Girl

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random : Mischa's Headbands

This lady Barton always looks stunning in everytime she wears Headbands.No wonder many of us pick her as our fashion inspiration.Does she looks gorgeous ?


Can't Wait No More

You know the song called 'September Ceria' ? i know very well,but the reff part only.Anyway that's not the thing i want to talk about on this post.It just a little share to tell you i really excited to welcoming September,the mont that full of cheerfulness.

Have i ever told ya about my guilty pleasure ? i guess i haven't rite ? so i want to tell you one of mine : Watching Korean Drama.Sounds cheesy,but i bet many of you have some hobby as i i correct ?
Basically i'm not really into that K-drama.I just watch some of them.
Why do i like K-Drama ? well,i prefer to watch this than Indonesian Drama or Sinetron.The Indonesian one are full of non sense sceene and too dramatical.Just saying,no hurt feelin.
On the other hand,Korean drama are more realistic and entertain with their beautiful actor and actress.hehe.Yet,K-drama hynotize me from their romantic sceenes.
Speak about k-drama and september,there's one brand new drama that i really wait for a long time.The title is "PLAYFUL KISS".Playful Kiss is korea's adaptation from the Japanese Manga called Itazura Na Kiss (which adaptated by Taiwanese and Japanese drama first).I don't need to explain the story,cause the manga is very booming and some of you knew well about the story.
The drama will be play by Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers) and Jung So Min (Bad Guy).I loooove this couple.I can see the chemistry between them even the drama hasn't begun yet.
Here's one of the poster :

Watch the teaser below :

This is gunna be awesome <3 can't wait no more for September !

Ghanis :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If You Could Live In Another City,What City You Want To Live In ?



3.Seoul,South Korea



5.Manhattan,New York,USA



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Cute To Be True

Today i did a little research to find a few new phone.I hav to say that i'm really confident,cause i dunno if my mom would buy me a new phone in the near future or not -,- but since i dissapointed and getting bored with my fckn blackberry,i would like to tell you some mobile phone that i nominated to replace my current phone.My priority is on the color and of course the features.I called these,too cute to be true phone :

Nokia X5 (AWW <3>

LG Cookie KP501 (Cuteee >_<)

LG Lollipop GD580 (Too bad there's no purple)

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini-pro (Step to the left step to the right)

Sony Ericsson S300 (I love the color)

OMAGAWT Nokia X5,SE Xperia X10,and the cookie one makes me can't wait to get a new phone *swinging swinging*

Anyway,can anybody help me with the specification of these phones ?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pics Of Kristen And Rob From The LA TwiCon 2010

Aaaaaw <3>
Pleaseee this couple just killing me inside.Noo i'm not jealous (who am i ?),i just confused at their relationship.Are they really dating or it just a hoax ?

No Such A Thing Like Harry-Ginny And Ron-Hermione In The Real Life ?

You think Rupert and Emma make a good chemistry in the big screen ? or you wish that Daniel's relationship with Bonnie as a date really work outside the films ?
wait till you see this :

These days,seems Daniel Redclife is working his magic on one young lady in particular.He has become almost inseparable from a striking brunette in the last feew weeks.Recently the girl known as Olive Uniacke (19) who is the stepdaughter of David Heyman,the multi millionare producer of the Harry Potter film.
Calm down girl,they aren't offically yet.It's still rumor.Take a breathe and relax.

Hot couple alert ! Bonnie and Jamie make a such cutie couple.They're perfect for each other.Sometimes i get jealous of their romance.Hoaaah :O

Rupert Grint recently caught with a mysterious girl (unknown name).Looks like she's mature than him.

Well Emma,good choiche ! i'm happy you broke up with your previous boyfriend.
Emma really got a perfect life.She's pretty,talented,actress,she has money,she has a damn-too-cute brother,and now she's dating George Craig of One Night Only ? not fair ! lol


Me Went To Tembagapura


Good Morning Tembagapura.The Town of Peacefully.

Tembagapura in the night is way too beautiful :D

Tembagapura is the place where i spend my childhood alot.I live there for the 7 years of my life,before i moved to the city of rain.Although it's hard to found such a thing like entertainment there,sometime i still miss everyplace and everything on thin town.The smell of the green grass,the thick cloud,the quiteness,and the way that i cannot found a traffic jam there.I want to return to the time when i still life there with my parents for a moment.That was the greatest time of my life.I never regret to staying in a small town like Tembagapura.Bcause it gave me some new experience,a happiness and an advantures.So i wish,someday,i could visit my dearest town again.

I Miss You Tembagapura !