Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Such A Thing Like Harry-Ginny And Ron-Hermione In The Real Life ?

You think Rupert and Emma make a good chemistry in the big screen ? or you wish that Daniel's relationship with Bonnie as a date really work outside the films ?
wait till you see this :

These days,seems Daniel Redclife is working his magic on one young lady in particular.He has become almost inseparable from a striking brunette in the last feew weeks.Recently the girl known as Olive Uniacke (19) who is the stepdaughter of David Heyman,the multi millionare producer of the Harry Potter film.
Calm down girl,they aren't offically yet.It's still rumor.Take a breathe and relax.

Hot couple alert ! Bonnie and Jamie make a such cutie couple.They're perfect for each other.Sometimes i get jealous of their romance.Hoaaah :O

Rupert Grint recently caught with a mysterious girl (unknown name).Looks like she's mature than him.

Well Emma,good choiche ! i'm happy you broke up with your previous boyfriend.
Emma really got a perfect life.She's pretty,talented,actress,she has money,she has a damn-too-cute brother,and now she's dating George Craig of One Night Only ? not fair ! lol


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