Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Football Player Goes To Mesut Oezil :D

Mesut Ozil,a germany footballer who recently signed with Real Madird (which is my fav club number two.yay !) took the world attention during the 2010 FIFA WC.
What makes me love this guy is his habit,recites Qur'an verses before all his matches to help him focus (yes he's moslem).
FYI his favorite music genre is R&B.That's make he can sing in rap style.Really ! i ever heard his voice once and he doin good.cuteeee >_<
Only one thing that make me like Oh-hell-please-Ozil! is he dating a widow older woman (Sorry.personal reason.i always dislike a guy who dating an older woman who waaaay too older for his age.dunno why -,-).

Ok now let's talk about his career,shall we ? first time i watched his game in World Cup 2010,i was thinking that someday,just after this event finished,every big europe club will fighting each other to get a contract with him.See ? i am absolutely right.heheh.
At that time,i wish he could play in Arsenal (which is my fav club.Yooo yo the gunners !) or Real Madrid (where every bright star gattering).But i was afraid when he told the media that he like Barcelona,and he would be happy if he could play there with messy.Nothing wrong with Barca.But i don't like that club honestly (no hurt feelin barca fans.just saying).Maybe because Barcelona is Real Madrid eternal enemy -,- But thanks God he made a great decision to step his foot to Santiago Bernabeu and play with so many my fav footballer there (Benzema,CR,Kaka,Higuain).
Although many people said that he made the wrong choice to choose Real Madrid as his next club,as his true fan i always support for him no matter what.
Keep holding on Oz,i bet you'll be a great star soon ! Loooooove yaaa :D

P.S : He remind me of my first boyfriend with his face.Plus ! his back number in German national team is 8,which is my ex favorite number.Oh hell ("-,-")

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