Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fallin Love With These Band on Myspace xp

1.Disco Curtis

About Band :
Being in a band can mean anything these days. But for some, the underlying passion of the last 50 years still holds true: Music can bring people together. Disco Curtis thrives on this notion, but they also take it a couple of steps further. It’s their unshakable enthusiasm for both the music and their fans that compliments their memorable pop/rock-tinged rock style. Their debut EP, Play With Fire, Get Burned, is music for the masses, pure and simple.
The Dallas, Texas-based foursome originally came as kids, where a young Howe and Novak first bonded over playing piano and drums, respectively. As the fast friends grew older, various band incarnations came and went, but upon syncing up with Garrett Perales, and later on Brendan Barone, the initial making of Disco Curtis began to take shape.
The band’s overall mission is pretty basic: keeping communication open between them and their fans. “No matter what, we’re never going to change the way we treat our fans and the ways we invest time in them, just like the way they invest time in us,” Novak says. “Regardless of what changes, we always want to have true relationships with our fans. That is our golden rule.”

Disco Curtis are :
Tanner on Vox and Guitar
AJ om Drums
Garret on Guitar (anyway he's so fckn CUTE omg)
Brenden on Bass

Some singles that i like from Disco Curtis :
Ashley,Breaking Hearts,Suprise Me.

Hear Their Music @

2.Days Difference

About Band :

Jeremy William Smith wasn’t one of those kids who sang into a hairbrush in front of the mirror dreaming of being a famous pop star.Jeremy is now the frontman and chief songwriting force behind Days Difference, a young quartet from Virginia Beach, VA, who are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album — a breezy collection of pop gems that showcases the melody-minded songwriting, expressive vocals, and dynamic piano sound of 21-year-old Jeremy. Jeremy formed Days Difference in May 2004 with his 23-year-old brother Jonathan on drums and another set of brothers, 22-year-old Micah and 23-year-old Jeremiah Ricks, who play bass and guitar, respectively. The siblings met when Jeremy and Jonathan filled in for a no-show pianist and drummer at a high school concert that Micah and Jeremiah were performing. “We jammed it out onstage and the chemistry and connection we had together was incredible,” Jeremy recalls. “We knew it was special and that we had to do something together.” Fully committed to giving the band a shot by May of 2006, Days Difference spent several years honing their propulsive pop sound by opening for artists such as Paramore, Lifehouse, Third Eye Blind, Jack’s Mannequin, and Yellowcard when those artists came through Virginia Beach. In 2007, they released an independent album, Numbers, then embarked on a nationwide tour.

Days Difference are :
Jeremy Smith : Lead Vocals and Piano
Jonathan Smith : Vocals and Drums (XOXO)
Jeremiah Ricks : Vocals and Guitar
Micah Ricks : Bass

Some singles that i like from Days Difference :
Are You Happy,Falling Into You,Radio Song

Hear Their Music @

3.School Boy Humor

About The Band :
It’s one thing to dream, and entirely another to make that dream reality: If you’re not willing to lay it all on the line, all the talent in the world still won’t bring you any closer to your goal. Despite their youth, this is something that School Boy Humor knows all too well.
From their not-so-distant days playing the clubs and basements of Little Rock, Arkansas all the way to your stereo, SBH have already traveled far and wide to get here, and their time has just begun. Running down the list of setbacks endured and sacrifices the band have made—everything from poverty to estranged parents to axed athletic careers—you have to wonder just what keeps the quartet going. Then you hear the songs, and it all makes sense.
“It’s rough not knowing when you’re going to eat again, or having to beg the promoter to buy you a pizza,” says vocalist/bassist Caleb Spillyards. “But I don’t have to wake up in the morning for a 9-to-5 job, and stress out about homework, and all of the other things we left behind. I think every path you take until you become successful is going to be tough in its own right.”
That spirit pervades the material the band recorded for its digital EP, Camera Shy But Still A Star, and their full-length debut on Vagrant (February 2009). Produced by the Geoff Rockwell (Forever The Sickest Kids, Sky Eats Airplane), the songs marry the band’s love of giant hooks and frenetic riffs with Rockwell’s flair for atypical rhythms and pulsing electronica, making for a sound that’s contemporary but also driving and eclectic. And lyrically, although relationships are a core topic as in most pop music, with powerful compositions like “This Is Your Life,” and “Don’t Look Back,” the band have also focused on something else they know all too well: what it means to be young kids chasing a dream.

SBH are :
Phil : Guitar/Vocals
Anthony Evans : Guitar/Vocals
Caleb Spillyards : Bass/Vocals
Greg : Drums

Some singles that i like from SBH :
Camre Shy,Don't Look Back,Realize

Hear Their Music @

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Georgeous Guys From Myspace ! I luve them !

Hello there good mornin ! Hello there good mornin ! Hello there good mornin ! Hello there good mornin ! Hello there good mornin !

I often visit site since about last 3 days.I love Myspace.There are many cool people.hehe.They're really gorgeous to made a very interesting music.I never get bored everytime i search a new fresh music from my iPOD xp
Anyway i found some new music there.Myspace make my genre music so variate.Here's some :

1.The Ready Set

The Ready Se
t, the brainchild of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Jordan Witzigreuter is a one-man alternative pop band influenced by life, love and music.
At 19, Witzigreuter, a recent high school graduate, is a jack of all trades; drummer, singer and keyboardist ready to lay his claim in the music world. Using the moniker The Ready Set, young Witzigreuter writes and records all his own music.
If you like electro pop like owl city, I'm sure you'll easily love the music of this hottie.He makes his music so interesting kind of game.There are some songs that will be referred because I think I've got their own uniqueness.Some of them are : The Blizzard of''89,Melody's Song,and The Sweetest Girl Wyclef.
If you are interested in him just go to his myspace site :

3.Breathe Electric
Born in the Chicago suburban basement of brainchild Grant Harris in 2007, Breathe Electric was created with you--the listener and soon-to-be biggest fan--in mind. They know the melodies you want to hear and have no qualms with delivering them through heaps of hook and catchy sing-a-long choruses. The strong minds of Japan have already tapped into this resource with an album release, as have many Hot Topics across America. Breathe Electric knows that you love to dance; they encourage it, using both electronic and acoustic drum beats for maximum boogie potential (MBP). Since you enjoy an energetic live show centered around smiles and MBP.Just like 'The Ready Set', Breathe Electric is the solo project of Grant Harris.He put two more person to live, Fassel Kyle on bass and Aaron Eberly on gitar.Some song will reminds us of Cash Cash, and Cobra Starship, although the music is basically a unique and interesting.All the songs on his Myspace playlist reasonable and proper to hear.Especially 'Electronic Lover' The first time I found his page, I immediately fell in love with him.How about ya' guys ?

3.Plug In Stereo
His name is Trevor Dahl.First time I opened his myspace site, I thought he was an electrican music .But,i'm wrong.If you like soothing music, the songs deserve to be hear.He's trying to make real music and a.His genre was like pop / country / indie and all easy listening.So far he has made an album called 'I would be if I was'. If you're a typical person who likes hard rock or somethin' like that, it's best not to listen to his music.Cause you will only find a genius who makes music that is very real.I recommend to hear the music while relaxing over a cup of hot chocolate and reading in the morning light hari.dan you will understand why I love the cute curly-haired guy.
Check his mucic out !

4.Stephen Jerzak

He is 17-year-old guy from La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States.He move in Pop music genres and Akustik.I do not understand why I was suddenly opened his has severything.His cute, cool, smart, and kreative.Honestly I don't really like the guys who like loud music (the exception of one person). I like guys like him.It's hard to describe what his music like.Maybe littlely like Seconhand Serenade.
Some of the songs that made me fall in love with him: Lonely Hotel Room, King, Party Girl, Small Town Celebrity, Together With the Soundown and OMG I love them all! and BTW, he likes Mario Bross, just like xp me.Ciww


I introduced another genius guy ! REPRESENT ! hell yeaaah.
I do not know too much about this guy .All i know is he was already had 4 albums and produced many great singles.Hmm interesting.Don't Wake Me Up,Slow Down,Dear You,Perfect Weather,Fresh Won't Define,That Look in Your Eye,Just Begun (feat Kara Carlson),Anyone Else But You,these are several great tunes from this asian look like guy.Oh yeah,his genre is Pop/Rock.One more,you can find his 'Anyone But You' in JUNO song huh ?

Interest ? just chect their myspace page.If you found another gergeous guy with their music,just tell me.I'll be happy too :D

Great thanks,see ya' again and bye ;)
Enjoy your weekend :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally I've gotta crush on someone again ! YAY !


OMG i'm outta ma mind everytime i saw him ! he's so so much my 'guy tipe' xp he's HOT also (adsolutely).
1st# time i knew him since i watched his muvie called 'HOOT' (tragic.he's HOT and he played in HOOT.understand ga ? ).I dun really like him et tha first.but since i check out imdb and it written that he will play as PERCY JACKSON,then i googling his new pic and i was like "OMG who the hell damn fckn hansome guy he is !".Hell yeaaa i'm freakn in luv with him (and Percy too).
Look at his eyes,whatta magic ! it's beautiful (lebaay).I'm one billion persen ADORE him.OMG OMG OMG i'm melting.GOD hear me hear me : i want him to be MINE ! hahaha shit i act like a crazy person (actually i'm's all ur fals Logan xp ).
Move from Skandar Keynes 1st fans to Logan Lerman 1st admire.hehe.
I just can't wait see him in Percy Jackson.oh i hope i'm an actress and imma be his love interest 'annabeth chase'.fufufu.


Favorite Song of This Week


I got your emails
You just don’t get females
Now, do you?
What’s in the heart
Is not in your head

Mate, you’re too late
And your weren’t worth the wait
Now, were you?
It’s out of my hands
Since you blew your last chance
When you played me

You’ll have to cry me out
You’ll have to cry me out
The tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
It’s time to get over yourself

Baby, you ain’t all that
Maybe, there’s no way back
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

When I found out
How you messed me about
I was broken (heartbroken)
Back then I believed you
Now, I don’t need you
No more

The pic on your phone
Proves you weren’t alone
She was with you, yeah
Now, I couldn’t care
About who, what or where
We’re through

You’ll have to cry me out
You’ll have to cry me out
The tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
It’s time to get over yourself

Baby, you ain’t all that
Maybe, there’s no way back
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

Gonna have to cry me out
Gonna have to cry me out
Boy, there ain’t no doubt
Gonna have to cry me out

Won’t hurt a little bit
Boy, better get used to it
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

Listen, I got the emails
I got the text
The answer’s still the same
It’s the way it is
I got to go

You’ll have to cry me out
You’ll have to cry me out
The tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
It’s time to get over yourself

Baby, you ain’t all that
Maybe, there’s no way back
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

(5 stars for this pretty damn cool song !)
Pixie is amazing.i really love this song and so does her voice,it's so true as well.

Hi Again and OMG I Really Love ! it was really fun and teach me to be more stylist !!

Heyaaaaa ! long time no see.Omg more than about 3 weeks i don't write on blog and i'm already miss yall guys ! *smooch*

It's not bcuz i'm bussy or i'm lazy or bored or what,it bcause there so many problem i have to handle and make me kinda crazy and stress out ! haha.
but forget it,i don't wanna talk about my fckn problem here.
anyway,have u ever visited ? yeah,it's kinda virtual stylist game,and it pretty cool website ! oh yeah,it's girls stuff,no boys allowed except for u who love play dress up kinda banci (apa ya bahasa inggrisnya ?),oh whatever.

I've created some look from this website,i can sit in front my laptop and play this game over more than 2 hours ! haha.

Do u wanna look some ? i show u my favorite,here they are :

Inspiration : Taylor Momsen ! yeah she's rock ! i like the over size shirt anyway :)

Inspiration : Freja Beha ! she's one of my favorite model.
Inspiration : Anna Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada (even though i don't use any prada in this look.hehe).not for the style,but for the title i guess.hmmm -,-

Inspiration : No one :p i just imagine how do i look if i hang out with my friend in black and black clothes.

So ? what do ya think ? :D