Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi Again and OMG I Really Love ! it was really fun and teach me to be more stylist !!

Heyaaaaa ! long time no see.Omg more than about 3 weeks i don't write on blog and i'm already miss yall guys ! *smooch*

It's not bcuz i'm bussy or i'm lazy or bored or what,it bcause there so many problem i have to handle and make me kinda crazy and stress out ! haha.
but forget it,i don't wanna talk about my fckn problem here.
anyway,have u ever visited ? yeah,it's kinda virtual stylist game,and it pretty cool website ! oh yeah,it's girls stuff,no boys allowed except for u who love play dress up kinda banci (apa ya bahasa inggrisnya ?),oh whatever.

I've created some look from this website,i can sit in front my laptop and play this game over more than 2 hours ! haha.

Do u wanna look some ? i show u my favorite,here they are :

Inspiration : Taylor Momsen ! yeah she's rock ! i like the over size shirt anyway :)

Inspiration : Freja Beha ! she's one of my favorite model.
Inspiration : Anna Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada (even though i don't use any prada in this look.hehe).not for the style,but for the title i guess.hmmm -,-

Inspiration : No one :p i just imagine how do i look if i hang out with my friend in black and black clothes.

So ? what do ya think ? :D

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