Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worst Piercing Ever

You better have to good thinking with your cold head if you want to piercing your body (or face).Just least u really have to see this.
Look at these pic guys !

I don't know why,but most picture make me fear is this one :

OMAYGAWD ! how could these people damaging their bodies with that UNIMPORTANT needles ? they're destroyed their skin.ouch !
I just wondering what happens when they have to through a metal detector at the airport ? have them take all that needle off one by one ?
How do these people sleep at night ? esspecially crazy guy in third must be hurt huh ?
maybe after the put all those in,they took em' out for infection reason or something.soooo pointless :| and how can they 'ngupil' with nose full of earings (or noserings).LOL.
Added for the last guy,it would be a lot less paintful when he sneezes.haha.

How do ya think ?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Considering two of my friends called Khaulah and Gita posted about our friendship in their each blog,i feel very bad to missed the most interesting topics for my,i just wanna share to you all about my girls,and here we go ! :)

Real name : Nurul Cesarlia
Pet name : Nunun,nyunyun,or usually we called her the queen.haha :p
why oh why she's called the queen ? well it is not because she's the most powerful member,no she's not's bcause she's motherly nature.her role usually to mediate in any problem we had.eerr maybe she's a little a good way ya.and honestly aja nih ya,sometimes i'm afraid everythime she angry.dunno why.all in all,she's a good motherly friend for me :)

Real name : Khaulah Fauzia Hasan
Pet name : Kaul,boula,or....tiung ?
Among all my friends,she's the most oldest friends i know.not about her age ya (though indeed she seemed the oldest of all -,-).i made my friendship with her since we both in the same junior high school,in the same class -,-.she's a good friends of course.she likes to make a funny jokes,her strange behaviour sometimes make me can't stop laugh (ok it's too lebay).and she's on of my closest friends.

Real name : Vany Hummaira Ziqra
Pet name : Vani,juphe -,-
The first thing i would like to describe about her is : she's smart ! she's the smartest among us all.i was very imperessed with her brain.gezz -,- anyway she got a sexy body loh.haha.she's the onle one who entered science class.see how different she is ? sometimes she's selfish and um.....sorry ya phe,stingy (maybe)but we understand considering her tribe, know lah padang loo a like.but she's a nice friends too.

Real name : Gita Dwi Puspitasari
Pet name : Pinky,pingki,dopdop ?
Why pinky ? because she likes too much pink (and black).you guys should see her old friendster page.haha its makes me laugh everytime i remember :p she's funny and nice.she's apa ya....wild maybe ? haha.sometime she likes to talk a lil bit rough,and i knew its all bcause she's ceplas ceplos.

Real name : Alletta Adzanni
Pet name : Tata,karet,horta
You know boneka horta ? yeah boneka yang ada grass above their had.why we call her horta ? cause some of her hair stood up like a horta-hair.huaha.she's my clesest bffff.her other friends which to be my ex-bf back then -,- just for your information,her face is very wide.but still,she's the greatest bestfriend ever !

Real name : Dini Farida Salamah
Pet name : Tomchin
Why thomchin ? thomcin is abbreviation from Thombol Cinta.what is thombol cinta ? tombol cinta is a small black dot on her cheek that can be called a mole.these days she has a litte changed :( and i dunno why.but actually she's a good friend too.

And those all my best of the best friends ever.they're always cheering me up evrytime i'm sad.they're just amazing ! i hope our friendship never get ending.AMIIIIIN <3