Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worst Piercing Ever

You better have to good thinking with your cold head if you want to piercing your body (or face).Just least u really have to see this.
Look at these pic guys !

I don't know why,but most picture make me fear is this one :

OMAYGAWD ! how could these people damaging their bodies with that UNIMPORTANT needles ? they're destroyed their skin.ouch !
I just wondering what happens when they have to through a metal detector at the airport ? have them take all that needle off one by one ?
How do these people sleep at night ? esspecially crazy guy in third must be hurt huh ?
maybe after the put all those in,they took em' out for infection reason or something.soooo pointless :| and how can they 'ngupil' with nose full of earings (or noserings).LOL.
Added for the last guy,it would be a lot less paintful when he sneezes.haha.

How do ya think ?

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