Saturday, September 25, 2010

Isabel Lucas is My New Fashion Icon

Hello again blogger :))
so i just watching Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen right now on my dvd player.I kno this movie is already old school,while there are so many new movie to watch.But actually,this movie is really meaningful to me.Wanna know why ? This is one of a lot movies i ever watched with him.Haha.The thing is,for this weekend i decided to re-watch all the movie i ever seen before,with my ex-bf.So cheesy huh ? yeah i knew that.But,i got a little curiousity about a girl who played as Alice.She looks biatch on this movie,but seems like i recognize her or somethin.Then i check out on IMDB site,and ta-daa i found her ! her name is Isabel Lucas (25).She's an Australian actress who also playing a role as Tasha in a Aussie's drama 'Home and Away',that's why her face looks so familiar to me.FYI,Home and Away was my favorite drama long time ago.heheh.
I found something intersting about her.Her style.Yes ! she's definitely my next fashion icon after Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson.She has a casual taste,just like me.haha same old same old.So,it's easy to follow her style.You just need a sundress or Over size T-shirt with skirt and skinny jeans.Simple rite ?
I really in love with this girl.Hopefully she can gimme a good advice about fashion.ckck.

PS : Look how simple she is,but still pretty.Cute gleeky glasses anyway.adorable !

Friday, September 24, 2010

Extremely Cute

I always imagine how it feels to hav a puppies.I really want to addopt a cat (since dog is forbidden for me).But my dad doesn't like animal very much.When i told him i want to buy a baby cat with my own money,he said that he don't wanna entry the house no matter what.Sigh...but i won't give up ! once i want something so bad,i will never give up till i get what i want !

They are soooooo cuuuuuuute >_<

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sudenlly In Love With These UK Hot Creatures

Have you ever realize that England has so many potential boy/guy/man to be the hottest creatures on earth ? LOL.If you haven't,just try to watch more england movies or try to find on myspace or any other sites.It contain so much beautiful faces either from the guy or the girl.Gosh british boys are just too hawt in every profession.This is one of the reason why i love England and wanna live there soon :)))
I'm warning you this time,you not gonna find Skandar Keynes,Alex Pettyfer,Daniel Redclife and bla bla bla on this blog.Though i really love them (i swear once i look at their picture i really can't hardly take my eyes on !) they're not include on this list.Enough with their charisma that makes us melt,let just leave them peacefuly and try to find another british angel faces.Beside there aro so many hot dudes waitin for us right ? right ?

George Craig (20) Model,Musician.When i said leave the old faces,it's not include of George Craig.He always be my number first no matter what ! haha.Oh Emma dear,i hope you know how lucky you are.i just soooo envy :(

Andrew Garfield (20) Actor.Peter Parker on the next Spiderman movie.I love him sooooo much ! :D :D

Ollie Barbieri (18) Actor

Alex Turner (24) Musician

Nicholas Hoult (20) Actor

Chris Belcher (22) Model

Sam Beeton (21) Musician

Luke Pasqualino (21) Actor

Joe Brooks (23) Musician

Jonny Evans (20) Football Player,Manchester United

How do ya think ? too hot to be true huh ? heheh same with me xp is there any hot british guy you know ? tell me pleaseee.
but hold on there,it's time to the special place.Highly recommended !
And the most hottie,famous of all british boys goes tooooooo

John,Paul,George and Ringo are never die ! They are trully exchangeable and unreplaceable.who's with me !!?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Newest Lovey Dovey Couple

Look at them ! they make me feel like 'love is in the air' everytime i look at some of their cute they are ! i just hope their romanticaly is not happen only on the drama,but also on the real life.But,something told me that Lea is already has a boffie.Ok,and who care bout that ? as long as they're not tide the knot yet,i still hope for the real life action of 'Finchel'.Boyaa ! :D
Anyway Glee season two is currently airing now.Yaay Go Gleeks ! *More Finchel pleaseee*

Make Up Go Nude !

Do you want to look naturally pretty despite the use of makeup? If you feel you always end up looking made-up every time you try your hand at those gorgeous eye shadows and blushers, then hold on a sec! You don’t actually have a problem on hand. Having a ‘painted face’ is something most women dread after the use of various products that claim to ‘enhance’ the looks. Sporting too much makeup can also be uncomfortable especially on a hot sunny day. Natural, beautiful skin needs loads of skin care and healthy eating habits.
Natural skin combined with nude lips is haute any day as compared to wearing oodles of makeup on your face!
I prefer to use natural make-up color than the colorful one.Nude is all about natural and soft color like beidge,peach,or baby color.
Don't use too much make up on your face.Just do a simple thing with your nude color lipstic,mascara,nude color eyeshadow and eyeliner.voila ! you'll look great all day !

Go Natural beauty ! cheers ;)