Saturday, September 25, 2010

Isabel Lucas is My New Fashion Icon

Hello again blogger :))
so i just watching Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen right now on my dvd player.I kno this movie is already old school,while there are so many new movie to watch.But actually,this movie is really meaningful to me.Wanna know why ? This is one of a lot movies i ever watched with him.Haha.The thing is,for this weekend i decided to re-watch all the movie i ever seen before,with my ex-bf.So cheesy huh ? yeah i knew that.But,i got a little curiousity about a girl who played as Alice.She looks biatch on this movie,but seems like i recognize her or somethin.Then i check out on IMDB site,and ta-daa i found her ! her name is Isabel Lucas (25).She's an Australian actress who also playing a role as Tasha in a Aussie's drama 'Home and Away',that's why her face looks so familiar to me.FYI,Home and Away was my favorite drama long time ago.heheh.
I found something intersting about her.Her style.Yes ! she's definitely my next fashion icon after Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson.She has a casual taste,just like me.haha same old same old.So,it's easy to follow her style.You just need a sundress or Over size T-shirt with skirt and skinny jeans.Simple rite ?
I really in love with this girl.Hopefully she can gimme a good advice about fashion.ckck.

PS : Look how simple she is,but still pretty.Cute gleeky glasses anyway.adorable !

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