Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make Up Go Nude !

Do you want to look naturally pretty despite the use of makeup? If you feel you always end up looking made-up every time you try your hand at those gorgeous eye shadows and blushers, then hold on a sec! You don’t actually have a problem on hand. Having a ‘painted face’ is something most women dread after the use of various products that claim to ‘enhance’ the looks. Sporting too much makeup can also be uncomfortable especially on a hot sunny day. Natural, beautiful skin needs loads of skin care and healthy eating habits.
Natural skin combined with nude lips is haute any day as compared to wearing oodles of makeup on your face!
I prefer to use natural make-up color than the colorful one.Nude is all about natural and soft color like beidge,peach,or baby color.
Don't use too much make up on your face.Just do a simple thing with your nude color lipstic,mascara,nude color eyeshadow and eyeliner.voila ! you'll look great all day !

Go Natural beauty ! cheers ;)

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