Sunday, August 8, 2010

Me Went To Tembagapura


Good Morning Tembagapura.The Town of Peacefully.

Tembagapura in the night is way too beautiful :D

Tembagapura is the place where i spend my childhood alot.I live there for the 7 years of my life,before i moved to the city of rain.Although it's hard to found such a thing like entertainment there,sometime i still miss everyplace and everything on thin town.The smell of the green grass,the thick cloud,the quiteness,and the way that i cannot found a traffic jam there.I want to return to the time when i still life there with my parents for a moment.That was the greatest time of my life.I never regret to staying in a small town like Tembagapura.Bcause it gave me some new experience,a happiness and an advantures.So i wish,someday,i could visit my dearest town again.

I Miss You Tembagapura !

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