Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can't Wait No More

You know the song called 'September Ceria' ? i know very well,but the reff part only.Anyway that's not the thing i want to talk about on this post.It just a little share to tell you i really excited to welcoming September,the mont that full of cheerfulness.

Have i ever told ya about my guilty pleasure ? i guess i haven't rite ? so i want to tell you one of mine : Watching Korean Drama.Sounds cheesy,but i bet many of you have some hobby as i i correct ?
Basically i'm not really into that K-drama.I just watch some of them.
Why do i like K-Drama ? well,i prefer to watch this than Indonesian Drama or Sinetron.The Indonesian one are full of non sense sceene and too dramatical.Just saying,no hurt feelin.
On the other hand,Korean drama are more realistic and entertain with their beautiful actor and actress.hehe.Yet,K-drama hynotize me from their romantic sceenes.
Speak about k-drama and september,there's one brand new drama that i really wait for a long time.The title is "PLAYFUL KISS".Playful Kiss is korea's adaptation from the Japanese Manga called Itazura Na Kiss (which adaptated by Taiwanese and Japanese drama first).I don't need to explain the story,cause the manga is very booming and some of you knew well about the story.
The drama will be play by Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers) and Jung So Min (Bad Guy).I loooove this couple.I can see the chemistry between them even the drama hasn't begun yet.
Here's one of the poster :

Watch the teaser below :

This is gunna be awesome <3 can't wait no more for September !

Ghanis :)

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