Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Top 8 Hottest Male Models Behind the Campaigns

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Jess Stam,Coco Roca,Tanya Dziahileva,Freja Beha,Irina Lazareanu,yes those girl are my favorite fashion model.I always amazed everytime i watch their show on the run away.But on this post,i'm focus on the male models.J'adore some of them,cause i think they're almost perfect.They got the face,licious body,and talented.Ooo i'm so hopelessly devoted over em'.

Watch out ! Hot guys alert !

Pictures explanation :

Who are they ?
1.George Craig (Burberry,front man of british indie band 'One Night Only') 2.Alex Watson (Burberry,Emma Watson's elder br
other) 3.Marlon Teixeira (Giorgio Armani,Top 50 male models ranked #18) 4.Mathias Lauridsen (Jill Sander,Gucci,Hugo Boss,Lacoste,Hermes,Christian Dior,Top 50 male models ranked #10) 5.Clement Chabernaud (Top 50 male models ranked #8) 6.Reid Prebenda (Rene Lezard,Gant Rugger,) 7.Eddie Klint (Top 50 male models ranked #39) 8.Sean Opry (Zara,GAP,DKNY,Top 50 male models ranked #2)

Add : seriously,you guys look better on shirt and blazer than just wore a pantie.duh !

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