Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquake 02 09 2009.The Fear.

This happened a few hours ago.i'm doing my new hobby.tidur siang 3 jam setelah pulang sekolah.haha.
awalnya gue lagi baca beberapa bab terakhir 'Breaking Dawn'.mengingat di bab terahir itu keluarga volturi muncul (spoiler : i'm team volturi now ! 100%.haha).and i overslept,as usual :p
I was dreaming cole sprouse kiss me (hehe), when suddenly I felt something shaking my bed.
suddenly my eyes widened 0_0
then I realized that something was shaking is an earthquake.I quickly ran out of the room and called my grandparents.
perhaps 15 or 20 second,i felt the house and my grandparents 'goyang dombret'.hhe.
I immediately sent a short message to my parents nun jauh disanaaa :'( hiiks.
a few minutes later my mother call me,asked how the situation here.
and you know what ? she should asked 'are u ok dear ?'.but she didn't.
dia malah nanya 'is figura in living room broken or something ?'.
what ?

then I get the information, that the epicenter is located in Tasikmalaya,with strength 7.3 scale richter .
wooow.what a big eartquake !
I realize that this kind of warning from God to all mankind.
I fear to think about the end of the,i just wannabe a better person than before.and prayed and asked God to always save us.
thank god for the life that you give today.thanks for the breath that you lend me until this day.
thankyou for everything :)

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