Friday, September 4, 2009

The Proposal ("hey ! looks like deadpool) -.-

Oke ! this week,I got a strange disease called 'boredom' ! haha.
so,when my friend (nunun) ask me to watch some movie in cinema with her and gita (again.always three of us),I certainly accept her.something that sounds more cool than take a nap everyday :(
so, finally we decided to watch at 21 ekalokasari plaza.
there are three choices (of course) :
-The Final Destination
-The Proposal

cause last week, we're watching orphan,make that film does not count.except if I want to have nightmares again -___- but thanks, I don't expect that.
after discussion, we agreed that we wanted to take a break from movies that made us heart attack.hehe.
finally we decided to watch the proposal.
I have never (yet) seen the trailer or order the players, as well as a synopsis of this film.
Armed ignorance of this movie (reminded me of orphan), we entered the theater 3 was only few people who watch this film.
Our ranks empty.that's a good new.The bad news is, we are surrounded by people who are dating (oh nice).the positive is,we were given a free show from various directions.haha. let's talk about the film.

My review gentleman (ehm) :
-This movie really interesting treat for this summer
-the acting of the actors so variatif.sometime (even often) I'm laughing only because of seeing their faces.
-I like andrew paxton.he's funny :p
-Sandra Bullock's role here reminds me of maryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada
-when Andrew and Margaret naked,without the knowledge of both and suddenly they collide with each other,and they both say : "why are u naked ?" damn funny ! :p
-This film presents many interesting scenes
-in early movie I murmured 'he looked like deadpool' (to andrew)
-I didn't really get chemistry between ryan and sandra.but it was reasonablel, considering they age were adrift 12 years.
So,i'm not complain anymore after seeing their act.chemistry problem forgiven (who i think i am?)
-my friends (the three of us) admire the actor who played andrew.and I was determined to find out who he was.I have shocked when i know he was RYAN REYNOLDS the man who played Deadpool in X-Men the last stand.I'm...too often see ryan with his beard.aku forget her appearance without fur around his mouth.I immediately not, ! I just watched my idol for 2 hours and I did not realize that it was 'he'!
-the point is,this film became one of the many romantic drama movies most I like
-OH one more.You will not regret to watch it.i know it sounds maudlin, but I had tears when the sad scene begin :p

My Rating :
8/10 (not badkan ? It indicates how much I liked the movie)

yeaaah go Ryaaaan ! aaaaaa meeeee likeeeeeey ! :D (i guess i've been crazy)

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