Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crush Crush Crush

Crush. Crush. Crush. Crush, crush.

2, 3, 4!

Nothing compares to,
A quiet evening alone.
Just the one two,
I was just counting on.
That never happens,
I guess I’m dreaming again.
Let’s be more than,

Hei hei heii.i feel excited today.haha.dunno why ! but,i want to tell u somethin about my clbrty crush.yeaaah.i have a lot of clebrty crush.
everytime i opened a magazine a find their hndsome faces,spontaneously i took scissors and cut out their pic and paste it in my diary or wall.haha.i'm craaazzyyy over them !
oke then.i'll tell u the big 7 (cause if i tell ya all my clbrty crush,it will be a loooong list,for sure !).


Wondering why i took cole in the first posisition ? well,look at him now ! he turned into a handsome guy ! he's charming.his voice change,u know 'sexy'.haha.o god,i really really really adore him.sure !


Hmm.i regreting skandar down to the scond psisition.but,perasaankan gbsa dbhongin.haha.the fact is i'm more interested cole than him ! why not ? haha.of course i still love him,but...there was smethin about him that make me not crazy as always.haha.
maybe,if narnia 3 running,i will put him in da frst psisition.who knows ?


Well.i do not need t explain why i do love him.he's cuteeee.


Everubody looooveeees Alex.


I love him when he singing.whata nice voice he has.yo justin,gimme 'one time' to tellin u that 'u r hot'.akikikik.


Hey tay,u bigger ! whoaaaa.haha.don't u see his muscle ? hmm i adore him as jackob black actually.


Wait.before u protest me why i took him in da last,i wnt u to know that i originally wanted to make this post just for teenage boy or guy that i love.he's not guy,he's man.haha.i really love him.hey ! everybody loves rob rite' ? he's hot.
he make me fall in love with him when he act as edward cullen.the most hottie vampire in da world.hehe :p

Ok.that's all.actually there's still lot of guys that i like.but i can't mention them one by one :p
Carter Jenkins,Dylan Sprouse,Rupert Grint,Alexander Ludwig,Joe Jonas,Matt Prokop,bla bla bla bla.tuh kaan bnyak ngeetss.haha.

mind if i know who's ur celeb crush girl ?

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