Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Stuff i want to buy If I Had a Lot of Money

MZ Wallace Kate Satchel

Miu Miu Glitter Slingbacks Shoes

Ruche Sundress

I asked my mother if i could bought that stuffs.Ha ! and guess what she said !
Mom : No ! you don't need a shoes like that.beside it seemed too old for u dear.
Me : But mom,that shoes was a trend now.
Mom : What trend ?
Me : Don't u ever read ur magazine ? look at the fashion pages.
Mom : oke.but,i don't wanna give u that kind of shoes.
Me : But,you will buy me a new shoes right ?
Mom : Uh huh.
Me : you're cool ! :) now send me a money.
Mom : Are u kdding me ? i didn't say i'll send u a money now,did i ?
Me : what ?
Mom : i'll tell u later . (ajajajajaja)

Klik ! the connection is lost .

Yaah.without a money,i couldn't buy all the stuff now.i must b patient.and hope,dad will be more generous than mom :)

Peaaaaceeee ;)

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