Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Stress Out ! S.O.S

Aaaaaaaaaa !!
you know what,all that i want to do now is screaamiiing out louuud !
hell yaaaahs !
haha do you think im crazy ? no ! cause the truth is im stress out.
there's something diffrent in this hollymonth.i can't go visit my parents and sister.that's make me so sad.ooh i lost a lot of valuable time due to living far far away from them.aaaaa :'(
and i feel lazy to go school in monday.actually,it doesn't matter for me,but there's something make me reluctance to attend (i can't tell you what).but this isrelated to OSIS.haha :p
talk about osis,I don't have plans to continue next year.many things that make me don't want to participate in this organization.first,i have no permission from my parents.second,im tired.third,i realize that i lost a lot of time bcause this activity.fourth,I want to feel how free mean.
and the last o*tiiiiiit* is the main factor that makes me stress !! eeerrrgghhh.


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