Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Food Means Easy,No Guy Means Crazy

Fasting means don't eat from sun up to sun's mean no food,no drink,also traines our patience.Muslim fast to feel the suffering of the other people outside,who less fortunate.
Muslims also want to get the reward from the gods.Heaven is the main goal.
For me, fasting is not something which is difficult anymore :p I've trained since i was child.
So now,not a big problem for me to fast.There is something different in this fasting mounth.I'm not gonna visit my parents and sister this year,cause the situation is less possible for me to go :(
Really,i'm very lonely.I'm sad because there's no special person who accompany me.
as you know,approximately 2 months ago,i break up with my bf (and now u can call him my 'EX' boyfriend).I thought,i will fasting with someone special.haha (understand ?).Have no boyfriend means crazy ! haha.
Sometime,i feel jealous with my friends who has a bf :( they look very happy.
doesn't mean that I am not happy yaa.i just feel incomplete without boyfriend.HAHA.

OKE.enough ! I just need a little patience.i believe that sooner or later i will get a boyfriend who much better than the last one ! yeahs,i'll be waiting :)
now in this hollymounth,i also want to become a better person than before.

Happy fasting all,hope god give all the best to all of us :) make this fasting mounth full of blessing.


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