Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Do I Love Jennie Enakei

You know Jennie Enakei ? yeah the girl who often found in your diary or note book (especially for u who like enakei).i don't know where she came from.hehe.maybe japan ore korea (i guess).
when i visited a file share web,i saw this girl.and i said 'how cute she is'.and i can only imagine if i have a pretty face like enakei,every boys in my school will crush on me.haha.LOL :p

1 . omagod she's cutie :)

2 . she always looks beautiful3 . sometime,she reflects me when she showed sad expression :(

4 . oh i just really love to see her in any pose :)

I have many pics of enakei.but i can't show all.cause,in principle,i don't wanna see my blog too full of pic.that's make my blog look like a child blog.hey ! i try to be more mature,just like enakei :)