Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Re-post : Things From The Past

Do you guys still remember about the guy who I often talk in my old blog ?
he was not be named.hehe.and in this blog i don't expect you to say his name,don't u ever try ! haha :p
oke.i wake up in early morning and remind about him. something that I should not to do.
also i remind a box containing many things from the past.every bad memories that i ever have,always leaving something that i confused to 'should i remind or not'.
but,i just want to show you many things that always make me remind about that 'someone'.

Ok.this is what i call : things from the past
Presenting : cinema tickets.oh i forgot how many times
we got to watched cinema together.

16th Birthday Gifts.look at his handwriting.hehe.funny right ? my question is :
can u read it ? sorry yaaa.just kidding :p
however,i like the purse(it's brown u know !).thxs for gimme that.
but i don't wanna use it again,anymore,never ! but i'll keep that as long as i can :)

Oke.this is not from him.this is me.made by me ! huahaha.
i always laugh everytime i saw this suck crazy stupid things.
first time when we broke,i want to burn all of this.then i remember
how tired to make all of that :p
stupid work i ever did,right ?

confused about my attitude over him ?
NO ! i'm not back with him again(it's a big no !).but i decided to be a good friends with him.
actually,we're better to be friends.
i know he can change to be a good man than ever.and as a good friend,i will help him.
i don't have any feeling about him that good ? haha.
i just feel uncomfortable to be an enemy with him.
beside,it's not loss to have many friends kaan ?

I wish the best for him.
meanwhile,i'm still trying to find,eh enggak salah deng,to get HIM (not him 'him'.but him 'him'.get it ? hhe.i mean not him 'the ex' but him 'the crush') ! haha.
who's him ? ada deeeeh.want to knoooow ajah ! :p
the point is,i never expect hostile to all my ex.

Happy remind your memories all ! HAHAHA.

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