Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's For Someone.A Guy Means YOU :)

When i failed again in love (with the same person).my heart says "is there no guy who genuinely love me or what ? is there something wrong with me ?".
I must admit, some guys who have destroyed my heart, made me a little depressed :(
I guess,i've done all the ways to make them happy.to make them comfortable standing next to me.
but it seems what i've done 'nothing' in their eyes :(
Im a toy for them.
Seems like not enough with all of this,now i've fallen in this solitude.
Then i intend to find somebody.Somebody who can make me happy again.
you know what ? i found him :)
haha.but actually,im not sure he has the same way too :(
Badly,he already knew that i like him (i guess).huaaaa.so embarrassed.
but i just wanna tell him that i love him,if i could,i want to say "im your secret admire.you're my secret crush.i'll be waiting until you be mine and i'll be yours".
Even i know,im not so lucky about love,i always get hurt.but i won't give in.i believe that outhere,there's someone who prepared for me.someone who has become my destiny.
and i know my choice was not wrong.cause i'll choose my own destiny.is in my hand now,everything clear in the end.i'll try to find my true love :)


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