Saturday, August 22, 2009

Art Food Design

People,ask me when rest time : you not eat ?
I can only shake one's head while smiling :) NO ! i don't really like eat at school.Certainly,the main problem is 'mag'.hha how do we say 'mag' in english ? ah dunno !
want to know ? one of the factors that I would like to eat is how the food looks.i can't decorate food,for sure :p but,i don't mind if there's a person who want to do it for me.make food that is presented to me looks interesting,i'm very grateful if you do :)
but there's someone who very understanding to me.He made what I want so I'd like to eat.
although i don't know what the name of this food.hehehe.he's very reliable chef.he's my cousin :)
it work ! i spend it all ! hehe.I originally don't want to damage the food as beautiful as this.

I'm doubting my grandmother can make this :p
I'm awere that my cousin is too affected japanese culture.
the red ball is grape ! haha he's crazy.

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