Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Woke up in too early morning,I can’t sleep.even just to close my eyes.

In the silent night.I’m waiting.Waiting for you.

How could you do this to me ? Breaking up with me in a short message ?

It took me by surprise.why you do this to me ? to us ?

I’m all alone in bed thinking of you.Nothing I can do but let the tears run down my face.

Crying is useless,I know.It will never change anything.

But it hurts a lot.I’m in a pain called heartachedisase.

Every time I close my eyes.i’m brought back to that day.the day it all began.

The day you took me away.I’ve been in a fantasy world ever since.

I’m really into you.I felt like I’m the luckiest girl ever to found a very kind-hearted guy like you.

But suddenly you changed.I just don’t recognize you anymore.I miss the old you.

Why so fast ? I’m hungover.

You said you won’t go anywhere.But fact isn’t the same.

You’ve left me speechless.I feel rejected.

My hearts broke into a pieces.And nothing or no one can fix that but you.

It’s like a broken glass.Everytime I try to touch it I’m bleeding.

The more I try to fix it by my self,the more I get hurt.

Is that easy for you to leave me ? it's hard for me to accept this.We both know i'm not that strong.

I just cannot lie.I’m not ok.,I’m hurt.

I want you back.I still need you.I really love you.

I wish I could rewind our time.I miss the way we used to.

Have I ever told you that this feeling won’t never go away ?

And It did.It will always stay that way.

You said we’ll gonna make this last.But you’re the one who close the book.

Why you so worried about my self ? you don’t want to hurt me more,so you end this ?

Don’t you know that your decision is killing me ?

What hurt the most is to letting you go.

It’s hard to leaving all the memories that we spend.

And I get more pain knowing that you don’t love me anymore and you’re not longer mine.

Why you went away so fast ? Why now ?

I souldn’t never set you free.But nothing I can do to make you stay here with me.

I can’t get over it no matter how I try.But I have to deal with the pain no matter what.

And I still love you no matter how it hurts.

Why must love always hurt ? I though this one could be last forever.

Until I realize that nothing is going to last forever.I’m a fool.

Dear God,please help me through this.


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