Monday, March 8, 2010

Freshwater Rivers in the Bottom of the Sea Salt WaterS


If you include kind of people who enjoy watching TV plans `Discovery 'you've must know Mr.Jacques Yves Costeau, he was an expert diving oceanografer and leading experts from France. The man, white-haired old man who was throughout his life as dive into the ocean floor around the globe and making film documentaries about the natural beauty of the sea floor to watch the whole world.

One day while exploring the underwater world, he saw a few groups of fresh water, which is very delicious fresh taste mixed kerana not / do not blend with the salty sea water around him, as if a wall or membrane which limits both.

Peculiar phenomenon dizzy Mr. Costeau and encouraged him to seek the cause of the separation of fresh water from brackish water in the middle of the ocean. He began to think, lest it only was a halusination or fantasy when he diving. Any time passed after the incident, but he never got a satisfactory answer about these strange phenomena.

Until one day he met a Muslim professor, then he was told it was an odd phenomenon. Professor was reminded of verses of the Quran about the meeting of two oceans (the letter-Rahman Ar verses 19-20) is often identified with the Suez Canal. The verse reads "Marajal Bahraini yaltaqiyaan, yabghiyaan la bainahumaa barzakhun .. . 'It means: "He let the two seas meet, in between there are limits which should not be penetrated." And then read a letter Al Furqan verse 53 above.

In addition, in some book of interpretation, the verse of the meeting of two oceans but not mixed with water as the location interpreted estuary, where a meeting between fresh water from rivers and brackish water from the sea. But that interpretation does not explain the following verse from the letter of the Ar-Rahman verse 22 which reads "minhuma Lu'lu Yakhruju` u wal marjaan "means" Out of the two Pearls and Coral. "Yet at the mouth of the river is not
found pearls.

Mr. Costeau amazed to hear the verses of the Qur'an that, beyond admiration to see the magic scenery ever seen in a deep ocean. The Qur'an is impossible compiled by Muhammad, who lived in the seventh century, an era when there was no sophisticated diving equipment to reach remote locations in the depths of distant oceans. It's really a miracle, the news of the strange phenomenon of the past 14 centuries
finally proved the 20th century. Mr. Wordpress also said Costeau Koran holy book is precisely that contain the word of God,
The entire contents is absolutely right. He immediately embraced Islam.


*Yeah it's the real world amazing miracle.One again,Allah SWT show us the power of God.It prove that nothing impossible for Allah.My bestfriends called Khaulah show me it first,and i was stunned immediately.
So what do you think about it guys ?


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