Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have Fun Learning English !

Ok my english ability is not outstanding yet.My biggest wishes for now is to accelerate my english,somehow.Cause my profession dream is closely related to english language.I wanna work in International Relation,i want it and i must get it !
I've done some attempts to make my dream come true.But i know it's not enough,still too far away to reach the target that i want.Although people around me said that my english skill was good enough.but i don't think so.

Soo,I've decided to make a list.List what will i do to learn english more and more.

1.Recently I have followed LIA, and I will be more diligent so I can get the benefit too
2.My current favorite book is english dictionary ! yeay ! i read it everytime i can in everyday,so i can reproduce my vocabulary.and now i've finished until D.haha.
3.Alfalink is useful too.i always bring it anywhere i go
4.I also learned from the movies i watched.because basically i like foreign films
5.My hobby is listening western music,so it helpful too.I learn a lot from the lyrics.and it's fun !
6.I often use english language everyday.I apply what i've learned in real life.
it can trained me to be accustomed in speaking English.
7.I'm learn online on several website that provide english-language procedures for properly
8.Sometimes i did spelling bee
Not only the language, I also learned attitudes and customs and also the western culture in various media
10.All in all
I always try and apply the principles do not easily give up on myself

So what do ya' think ? I think you can also learn in the sam way as me.would it be very nice if we can speaks fluently with this world language.although i'm not a western,but i put on my self to love english.

Keepn' english and peace :)

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