Monday, April 4, 2011

Broken Memories

This is me the night you dumped me by short messages.I can't stand my tears to fall.I don't understand,why you went away so fast ? how could you did it to us ?

This is me felt so desperate.All i wanted to do was just screaming your name.I'm wish it was just a dream.I want to open my eyes and leave this evil nightmare soon.But i'm awake already.There's nothing i can do.
You break your promises.I just don't understand why the hell is love always hurts me.
You hurted me.

This is me all alone.I hate being in crowded.I can't stand the pain.I'm angry,i'm sad,i'm confused,i lost you.I want you back,but you're gone and moved on.

This is me,trying to mend my broken heart.I did everything that can distract me from you.I'm trying so hard to keep you away from me.

And now here i am.I can stands up again.Now i realized that i can live my life with or without you.I'll go my way,and so do you with yours.
I'm not saying that i forgetting you.No i'm not.You've been the best.I keep you in my heart for always.Cause you're once a dream come true.But now i have to face the reality.
Soon,you'll find someone who's better than me.Please treat her well.Love her.Don't you ever hurting another heart.It feels bad :(

Let's say hello to goodbye.It's gone forever.Finally,it is the end of our stories.
Hopefully we will life hapilly ever after.


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