Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Holla Bloggies,
Howayuuuu ? i hope you guys are fine as i am :D this time i would like to tell ya about my new boyfie.Well,basically he's not really my brand new boyfie cause he's my ex-boyfriend.But we just back as an item after a year of split up tho'.Back days i'm wondering how could me and my last ex-boyfie relationship didn't work well,but it's all solved now.The answer is because i'm not over this Gerry guy (recently boyfie).
Things going fine now.Although we faced some troubles back then,but thank God we've handle those shit together.
Everybodies asks me why do i gave him one more chance after the cheated-with-my-classmate tragedy.Well it's hard to explain.People mostly don't understand me and underestimate him.What i kew is just thathe's everything that i ever wanted.
With him,i'm free to be what i am.He's the one that i can share my hard laugh with.Appearently we're one in the same.
I love everythings about him.No one can ever sees him as deep as i am.Imma bit curious about something,we both had through the rain and every bad things but our love never fade away.Eventually it grew more and more stronger each day.Can i just say that we're mean to be ? hehe
He teach me everything anyway.With him,i learn much about something that i never knew before.
With him i felt everythings.A sadness,happiness,madness,everything.

Both of us has grown up now and he's not that
kind of jerky guy anymore (i really wish he is),so i think,maybe we could learn from the past and rebuilt our new relationship.
We have the same dream.A dream is a wish that our heart made.A dream to be together.And we will make it happen.Cause i can't imagine how life could bring without him by my side.
I swear,he give my life a meaning.
So with so many lessons from the past,we walk side to side together,to reach our dream and keep this relationship that hopefully will last :))

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