Friday, November 13, 2009

About Being Alone

I'm sure no one want be alone.No one wanna feel alone,lonely.
And that's the way i feel now.You know,sometime life is so hard (Have you ever heard that life is easy ? sure you didn't).Especially for me.
I life far far away from my mumy and dad and my sister,forced live with my gammy who didn't like me and always talked about me behind.
I feel alone at my own home.I almost didn't speak at all at home,believe that ?
There's no one understand me.They are Jerk !

School is my favorite place.Haha.Yeaa,i was lazy with the lessons at school,but doesn't mean i hate to go to school.
I've got many frinds here.They're very good to me.
Well,sometime i feel there are some people who just use me.But no matter,i can handle it.I'm smart enough to judge a person.
But..i don't know,there's a time in school when i feel lonely.I feel i was not part of them.
I'm still alone.

Then he came.Offers his love and heart to me with his sweet words (now i know it was all a lie).
He said he love me.Unexpected i love him too.For the first time since i don't live with my parents again,i feel colourful.There's not just black,white,or gray.
I'm happy of course,so Happy...
But it's not long.When i feel the world is beautiful,he's gone leave me alone (again) 'out of the blue'.
I'm crying all the time since he said he don't love me anymore (what an idiot !).
But i still have my friends,they cherred me up make me forgetting him steep by steep,slow but sure.

Until today,i feel free from the fckn loneliness.Not because someone replace him (he can't be replace with anybody),but because i feel everybody love me.I'm not alone,there's so many friends who always ready to cheer me.My mom and dad never stop to thinking about me and pray me everyday.My family always there for me.Even though i have'nt find someone who can fix my heartbreak.
But yeah,i'm still waiting for him.The one who can make my life more perfect than now.Whosever,whenever,however he is,i still waiting for him,to make my life colourful again.

P.S : Anyway about the boy who never replace with anybody,i just wanna say that i finally can forget him (yeeey).I thinks he's wicked.But i don't want to bore him.Let him enjoy his perfect life.but i still believe that there must be some 'karma' :)

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