Monday, November 16, 2009

Wohoo For The Wedges

Wedges are big staple this spring.There are so many styles and colors,that u could wear wedges with almost every single outfit in your closet.Well,i still adore flat shoes.haha.Yea hit me 'so yesterday' and i don't care.I don't care with all those people said.I care about waht i wear and i comfort with it.
But my lovely auntie offers me a wedges shoes.She's travelling in Madrid now.And she ask me what kind of shoes i want try to wear.I can't walk with high heels,honestly :p so i accept her offers.When she come back i'll get my wedges.Yeaaah.And she ask me what kind of brand.So i was looking at the website.There;s so many models and merk.I haven't decided yet.But i have a few choices.When you visiting my blog auntie,i hope you buy me one of these all amazing wedges.Say WOHOO...

From top to bottom : Carin Wester,Iron Fist,Nitelife,D&G

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