Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghanis Lives Today

Hello blog :D
i promise you not to tell the sad story in this post,so wouldn't :)
well,actually my life is still the same like yesterday.But everythings getting better rite ? so do mine.
let see...
Everybody want to have a nice family,and i've got it (thanks GOD) i got a dream family.They're the best family in this world :) my parents are the best too.I can imagine how suck my life if they're not my parents.
Secondly,i have a great great bestfriends.well,maybe sometime they're being annoy (and i don't care),but i know in they deep down heart,they really love me,so do i.
I love my school and my class,so does the teacher (not all actually).
I have a amazing life :D hell yeah !!
there is always a stain on the surface,the only thing lacking is i don't have a special boyfriend who love me and taking care of me when my parents back to tembagapura,leave me alone here in bogor.aaah so sad :'( uupss i did it.i break my promise to not tell u about my sadness things.but i can't handle it,trust me,it's so natural.

Oh god,i never want to have a BF like this before.Since i regret to ignore that 'guy',my eyes like opened to find and fall in love with somebody else,trying to move on from you-know-who or we can call him the EX.It's like a voice whispering to me,
to convince me of my feelings for this guy.
Ou bebh,what shall i do ? i'm lost.

P.S : I saw him today in basketball court.but i dunt have a brave to looked him,and i do not know is he staring at me or not.Oh
apparently i have a answer,he didn't.haha.what a dream girl who believe he noticed me.huh !

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