Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution !! :D

Hei all ! long time no see huh ? miss me ? hha.of course NOT ! ya kan ?

Heiii everybody,c'mon,together welcoming new year's 2010 !! yeaaaaay :D OMG I can't believe we've reached the end of the year again ! cool huh ?
hmm.How's ur 2009 ? is that really special ?
My 2009 is unforgetable,cause is so special for me.Many moments that occurred in this year,and i can't mention it one by one.there are too too much !
But there's a very special day in this year,on a date 170209.haha.i can't tell u what happened then.
I can't even forgeting that day.that was really special.Him :)

And now i must open the new page.Leave all the good and the bad in last year,and be more a god person in this new year.
So,i have several things i want to happen in next year :

1.Get a car license
Yeah.i dun wanna goin out and shopping with my grandy always.i can't wait until i get the license.I'm freeeeee !


Haha.actually,i don't really think about this.Just let it slow.I just...don't wanna be alone anymore :'(

3.Be the biggest five in class

I know it's so hard to do.but if i can start to study hard and more serious,nothing impossible rite ?

4.Learn more english :p

You know my english is not really good.hha.but i promise to train my english more and more

5.Be more a good person
That's general

6.Be a strong girl

7.GET MY OWN CREDIT CARD ! dad promise me a credit card as my 17 prize ! woohooo

8.Diet ?

haha.always !

9.Practice my vocal

I ever think about audition indonesian idol ! hahaha whata foolish !
but I'm very self conscious,cause i know i have a horrible voice :p so i just singing for my self

More diligent to prayer and be a good moeslim girl
It's a MUST

Haha.werid uh ?
how about ya ? do u have ur own resolution too ? tell me ! i would like to :)

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