Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Story Telling a.k.a CURCONG

H e l l o man (and woman and girl and boy and everyone and whatever...).
Have a great day huh ? unfortunately i haven't :( 2 days already passed since that beautiful dream.strangely enough I did not get a beautiful day.ok let me tell u what really happened here.

2 days ago,i've got a sweetest dream ever.haha.i dream about him.not the one i always tell u about.I'm sure 99,8% i don't have any feeling for him anymore (thanks god).Apparently i never told u about this guy.
He's my senior (yum).
We never get too close until a few months ago.He text me first,and as u know we started telling each other about anything,about our self and our story.But it is my biggest mistake : i ignoring him bcause i don't have any feelin over him at that time,so does him for sure.really...he's nice,but i just don't see him.
Day by day,we rarely texting again.and
now we like do not know each other (that's too bad).
Until i got that dream a few days ago.i dream my dream,he told me that he like me (of course i know it's just a dream huh ?) and asked me to be his GF (oh god.i shouldn't dream about that).Strangely i said 'YES' without thingking first.
And happilly ever after :D

Wake up !! now back to the real world.Inversely from my dream,he didn't like me,but i'm the one who like him !!!
i realize that i really really really love him.I don't kno' what to do if i meet him.i felt shy -__-
and i don't know what should i do.i'm's like karma happens to me :(
Should i start to text him again ? and tell what i really feel over him ? o my gosh !
I don't have the courage to say that ! too shy to say :(
Now,i just hope and pray he want to sent me a massage again.Text me first.and i promise i'll reply his massage from now on.
Because u know what ?
ignoring him is the most stupid thing I've ever done.
Please please please GOD gimme a second chance.

Gotta Go ;)

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