Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here's a Several Clue about the guy who i LOVE :D

Errrr,i don't know i have to tell ya'll about it or not.But i just imagine if HE open my blog and (maybe) read this post,he finally know what i feel about him.I've always been bragging about the guy who I like in my FB stats.Maybe he read it.but he could expect it to someone else, not him -,-
and i'm so confused.
How do I tell him about what I mean is ? i can't text him first.I'm too shy to say.
So...I hope he visite my blog and read this :

-He's a person who accompanied me during the last takbiran night via FB chatt
-We often 'smsan' :p after that night.
he asked my number with the reasons for wanting to accompany me because I'm lonely.hehe.
-He text me and i rep him.But sometime i often ignoring him.and i want u to call me stupid people !!
-He ask me to watch movie tgther but i refused,cause at that time,i still can't forget the
movie with another guy will just evoke memories of the past with him :(
-He's name began with the 1st alphabet.duh ! whos is he ????

Ok....yea i hope u know what i mean soon.Sorry i'm too 'Jaim' (like someone said before).i don't wanna text u first bcause i'm shy.i just want u to know that i like u .oh oke my face change color,red mode on now.

I gotta go.

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