Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Earthquake Disaster Again

The earthquake rocked parts of Indonesia again. Now turn to Padang, West Sumatra rocked by 7.6 magnitude tectonic earthquake on the Richter scale (SR), Wednesday (30/9/2009) at 17:16 pm followed by Jambi and Bengkulu magnitude 7.0 Richter scale (SR) on Thursday (1 / 10 / 2009) at 09.00 am.

Hundreds of houses, buildings, and shopping centers were destroyed,bridges collapsed and people panicked, electricity went out and broke up the telecommunications network.Until Thursday afternoon (1/10/2009) at 15:00 pm was recorded more than 400 people died and thousands of people still buried under the ruins of the building. The earthquake was also felt in Bengkulu, Pekanbaru and Medan to neighboring countries Singapore and Malaysia.

I feel sorry about what had happened to our brothers in the field, jambi and surrounding areas.
Be brave and don't ever give up.increase piety,that's the most important.
I think natural disasters are punishment for some and a warning for most people to get back to the right path.
This sign that God was angry to us.only God who know human life and death.
now i just can pray and hope God save us wherever we are.

photos from kaskuserz
Song of the day : Indonesia menangis by Sherina

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