Friday, October 2, 2009

Is that real me ? oh hell-to-the-no !

Many people put up their childhood photos in facebook makes me wanna do the same thing.then I opened my old album with a lot of my childhood photos.But I could'nt find a photo that kite for display in my fb album.not bcause 'little me' photo was bcause in all photos,my face looks weird :p with curly brokoly hair,white strange skin,'monyong' lips,and freaky face.haha.
It's a shame thing if i put that photos in my friend will moced and laughed at me,for sure.
so i decided to put my 'little me photo' in my own least,no one visit my blog.haha.

This is picture of me about five years ago.haha.look at my curly hair and my 'jenong' forehead.haha.shame ! at that time,i used to thin this is my best photo.haha.actually,there's more worse and ugly me photos.but i'm too shy to put it all.ihiiy.

Now.this is how do i look now :)

Do i changed a lot ? dad always said that everytime he look me.
well,i'm happy with my appearance and my face past,now,and whenever.
Thnks a lot god to gimme the perfect body and face without no defect :)

It's amazing to grow up.haha.everybody must change right ?
Hhh...dady's little girls was change.

I'm's my look like 20 years letter ya ? haha.

Photo taken by : Me :)

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