Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashion Boy ?

Hey :)

I think guys mostly unconscious with fashion all this time.They are what they are.haha.i mean,they're not too care about the clothes they wear (at least most guys around me :p).Unti i found this cool website (thanks Gogirl).I thought,only girl upload they daily fashion photo.but nope,i found many fashion guys too.and these are some of them.

You've got cool jacket man ;) i always like power ranger.haha.
Mickey guy :) simple sporty.and nice face too :p
Ok.i'm in love with his hip hop style and his ! don't u think he looks cute ? (who do i think i am ? :p) but cute baby little face ;)
Please be mine :D
Im in ! u looks weirdooo :(I don't even wanna look this guy.eewww -___- (sorry)

Wanna check out ?

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