Thursday, October 22, 2009

JUJUR ... ... ...

"Honestly.i miss someone called ayay long ago -___- nd no one know.i pretend to forget him all this time.i feel bad everytime i hide ths feeln.but now i don't wanna lie anymore.hha.tpi bisa apa gw ? nothing.just try not to think abt him.dstract m...y mind to mama papa tmen tmen tmen.i've got those who LOVE me :')"

Okay.that was my status in fb @ 22 october 09 in 07:00 pm.
maybe u want to ask me why do i dare to be honest in fb ? as we know,people will see and know everytime i change my,nothing secret in fb rite ? haha.
why do i dare to tell him i miss him (ok.he's not comment or like on my stats.but i know he read it) ? i said before,i was hiding my 'Gerisickness' (ok i'm crazy !) all this time.i pretend to forget him,even hate him.i try to not talk about him in front my friend.but hey,can u people pretending you don't miss someone who you missing so ? do you ? i guess not.
no one can hide the feeling about missing someone who you LOVE.
it's hurt me,everytime i saw his relationshin's killin me inside (edaan) everytime i saw him :( dunno how suffer me everysecond i lie to people that i don't care about him.the truth is YOU STILL LOVE HIM SO MUCH,how can u don't care about this person anymore ?
i want to see his eyes close again.touch his movie together :')
but yeahs,it just a dream.dreams that always hurt me.dreams that always make me cry in the night.
Remember all the momments with him.i'm travelling to my past.i miss someone who always text me everymorning.say "pagi ay.lagi apa ?".i miss the time when he still often to call me everynight.i miss the time when i meet him behind the lab bahasa,across my class.i want to repeat the momment when we celebrate my 16 birthday.

OMG what can i do now ? i can't do nothing.he was already has somebody else now.and i just can figure it out.
i know i look stupid.i mean,is he miss me too ? is he always think about me too ? is he feel the same like i do ? the answer maybe NO.haha.hey,if u have a girlfriend who pretty,smart,slim,and more more more than ur EX-girlfriend,will u think ur ex than ur GF ?

Hhhh.that's all my 'curcong'.haha.i feel better to write what's on my mind in this blog.i know,nobody visit my blog.haha.but i hope sometime,he read this entri.That's the way i tell him how much i miss him :) bcause...i'm not too brave to text him and say 'Ger i miss u so much'. if his gf read my massage ? i mean,she is my senior.she can do anything with me in school.haha.

Love,kisses,huggie-ghejje :D

P.S klo lo ngbuka blog ini dan kbtulan ngbca posted gw yg ini : maaf ya jdi terlalu jujur biasanya memang gw kya gini.tapi gatau kenapa.feeling gw ngrasa klo gw hrus lbh tau kita putys udh lama.lo jga udh lupa gw (gpapa).tapi yaa asal lo tau aja,ga gmpang buat gw ngluapin elu.mau segimana lu nyakitin gw jga gw TETEP SAYANG SAMA KAMU.maaf ya lancang yakin lu geleuh klo udh ngebaca ini.kesannya gw kya yg gtau diri ya.masiiih aja blg syang.tapi itu memang bner kok GER.haha.lo psti mikir 'knp ga sms aja klo gtu ?'.gw bukannya jaim ya.tapi ga pntes aja kyanya mulai sms dluan,dan tau-tau blg KANGEN atau MASIH SAYANG.hehe.lebay ya ger ? sorry deh gmau ngganggu lo lg....
ah udh ah.jdi cengeng gni gw ngmgnya.ilfil kan lu ? aaaa jujur ajalaaa :p
yaudh ah,kpnjangan postingan gw (mending lu baca ya.ngbuka blog gw aja gprnah mgkin.mkannya gw brani ngmong bgini.hehehe).intinya mah,mkasih ya buat semuanya.

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