Saturday, October 3, 2009

Five TOP man chart :p

"My blood flow stopped,heartbeat fast,eyes wide open,can't say any word except 'whoa'.
what kind of man that they are ?"

-when i was saw him-
-me (quote from my diary)-

Robert Pattinson
He's the world's best predator.everything about him invite me in--His voice,his face,even his smell (even he's not aroun me and i'm in different continents far away from this man).
Oh to the hell.he wasnt irreplaceable :p

Xavier Samuel
He's the coolest vampire ever.unfortunately,he was born as riley :( haha.

Chace Crawford
(without his beard and mustache)
His eyes makes me like 'i can't control my heartbeat'.haha.
oh and one thing i know,he's more like a real 'man' than zac.yea gooo chacey !

Ed Westwick
''bad boy bad boy whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when i come fo' u"
More GG cast high-top-man.with his two different accent (i prefer like his british accent-i'ts kinda sexy.haha) he makes me fall in love till drop :p

Hayden Christensen
Hot news : Rachel Bilson can't take her eyes over him,SO DO I.haha.
First time i saw him in jumper,i was like 'who's this cute gorgeous guy ?'.haha.
He looks cool and so man-to-the-top.Luv him :)

If i were one of them girlfriend in scene or real live,i would be very happy ever after (hehe) and jumpin jumpin in my bed :p i wanna be Kristen,ashleey greene (at least she was always with xavier during filiming eclipse),Leighton,Jessica,nd lucky them.
I'm sure u agree with my opinion about them.SO-HIGH-KICK-MAN-TO-THE-T.O.P.hehe.

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