Friday, October 23, 2009

Wish i have for my 17 B'DAY !

Great day everybody :)
Last night i dream about my 17 bday party.haha.what a great dream !
i celebrate the part in kuta beach with my family,bestfriend,and oh no,him.u know what i mean with him.ok,i give u some clue.he's the guy who i often called wih 'ay' in my old blog.FYI,he's my ex (yakss.jijik bgt).
why he always appear in my dream ?
But,i don't wanna talk about him in this post (i'm too much to talked about him in my last post 'Jujur .. .. ..).
In my dream,mom and dad gimme many many prize.haha.u kno' ? like a shopping free day and new phone.hihi -___-
but actually,i have my own desire for my bday prizes.and i tell u some (i'll show my mother this post,so she know what i really want i gimme these things).


This is too-cute-to-be-camera.and where i can buy this lomo ? i don't care,i'll tell dad that i really want this thing.OMO,cute abiss !


Everubody loooves shopping mom,including me of course :p


Cool huh ? blackberry sih bnyak yg punya.maleeees -__-


NOTEBOOK ! oh i really want this crazy thing.c'mon paa i can't bring my biggie laptop to school.everybody use notebook now.welcome to our new century :p emm..this is MSI PR200 Crystal Collection,but i don't requires you to buy me as same as this.yang penting mah notebook aja pah.haha.(beside,u promise me last year kaaaan ?)

Of Course,not that things that i really want.wanna know what bday part in my mind is ? mama,papa,ayu,and me,celebrate together everywhere we are.i don't care what's the prize,i just hope i can celebrate my 17 bday with them.
haha.but if they can't
,i'll demanda lot of gifts !! Huahahah :D

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